Cops Or Children

As we reel from one atrocity to the next, one has to wonder how Republicans can justify their stance on all things immoral. I know how they do it, they just twist the narrative to suit their version of events.

When a white guy kills a number of people at Planned Parenthood – he is mentally ill. When a gay man commits mass murder in Orlando, he is a Muslim.

When a cop shoots a black man, it is because the black man is a thug. When a black man shoots back, he is not mentally ill, even though he is. And sometimes he may not be.

What is sickening is the glee that the Republicans seem to latch onto whenever a black man or someone whom they can call a Democrat or a Muslim is responsible for the crime.

I witnessed today on Mediaite, a commenter calling for guns to be banned from Democrats. Oh, how the freedums have changed. They are finally realising that the old white guys are not the only one with guns.

It’s okay for us to have guns they say. We are just protecting ourselves.

Where was the fucking outcry you assholes when those  20 beautiful kids and their teachers were shot in Sandy Hook?

I’ll tell you what. Those kids weren’t out shooting black people, so they really didn’t count in the grand scheme of events.

I am absolutely not advocating going out and killing policemen. My heart aches for their families too, but when you have bad cops gunning down innocent civilians in cold blood and on camera, this was a tinderbox waiting to be lit.

What the fuck did they think was going to happen?

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3 Responses to Cops Or Children

  1. Sounds like the vacay is over … she’s baaaaaaack !

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

    Here is a facebook post from Montrell Jackson,one of the cops who was gunned down Sunday morning in Baton Rouge.He posted this on July 8th and that is his 4 month old child he is holding.

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