IMG_1052 (1)

Bubbles and me in NYC – still in Mulberry Street.

I thought I’d better start a new post so all of you didn’t have to spend hours scrolling through the comments…    🙂

Bubbles had this for dinner.


That is what it looked like before Tumbleweed savaged it. I had no hand, act or part of it. Or something like that.

Last night we met the wonderful Ayerishgrl. I was a bit apprehensive about introducing my Kansas friend to a LonG Islander. With good reason. Kansans can be savage. Brownback has nothing on TW. That girl is mad. Make her governor. She will sort them out.

Of course we got a little lost trying to meet up with  the aforementioned imposter from LonG Island. Never one to be deterred I sweetly asked a complete stranger for directions. I usually start with “excuse me please” and it works a treat. He whipped out his phone and direction thingy and sent us across the street to our rendezvous . TW reckons it’s my accent. That’s the only thing I have going for me.

TW got a little antsy later in the night and called me a red cardinal. I want her to guest post about the Eiffel Tower that she saw from Mulberry Street, but she needs to apologise first.


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10 Responses to Que?

  1. stillregina says:

    If you don’t post a photo of TW cracking a lovely smile, PVAZ (and Pallottine 😉) will never forgive you! Have great time!

  2. stillregina says:

    Bubbles is a beauty, BTW…

  3. Russell stiles says:

    The wonderful, diverse,gentle, LGBT friendly, new home to russellsq and mini diva awaits you.
    Rehoboth beach translates in to “room for all” and you will fall hard for this community.
    We have hard body topless boys bringing you cold drinks at Aqua, we have amazing food and orange crushes in the outdoor beer garden under the palm trees with drag queens at The Purple Parrot , we have the best Mexican restaurant inDelaware owned by our friends Joe and Darrell who have promised to make you a “Saint Margaret” to die for, we have miles of sandy beaches and a cooler full of bloody Mary’s , we have a huge pool across the lane from our new house where you can sit while I make you gin and tonics and can plot the revolution.
    See you Monday at the Wilmington De. bus station

  4. Bubbles says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed you ladies! Thank you for the compliments. You make me blush.
    The lasagne was marvelous, what I tasted of it. Heh heh.
    Next time bring Laura?!

  5. Bubbles says:

    Next year I am coming with Helen! Going to check Airbnb right now! Topless men with drinks? Count me in!

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