Bernie Sander’s Campaign Aides Speak Out


There is a pretty damning article about Bernie Sanders at Politico:

There’s no strategist pulling the strings, and no collection of burn-it-all-down aides egging him on. At the heart of the rage against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, the campaign aides closest to him say, is Bernie Sanders.

It was the Vermont senator who personally rewrote his campaign manager’s shorter statement after the chaos at the Nevada state party convention and blamed the political establishment for inciting the violence.

He was the one who made the choice to go after Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz after his wife read him a transcript of her blasting him on television.

He chose the knife fight over calling Clinton unqualified, which aides blame for pulling the bottom out of any hopes they had of winning in New York and their last real chance of turning a losing primary run around.

And when Jimmy Kimmel’s producers asked Sanders’ campaign for a question to ask Donald Trump, Sanders himself wrote the one challenging the Republican nominee to a debate.

There are many divisions within the Sanders campaign—between the dead-enders and the work-it-out crowds, between the younger aides who think he got off message while the consultants got rich and obsessed with Beltway-style superdelegate math, and between the more experienced staffers who think the kids got way too high on their sense of the difference between a movement and an actual campaign.

But more than any of them, Sanders is himself filled with resentment, on edge, feeling like he gets no respect — all while holding on in his head to the enticing but remote chance that Clinton may be indicted before the convention.

Reading the entire article, Sanders comes across as stubborn, bitter and vindictive. And this information is coming from his campaign aides.

While Hillary celebrates her victory, Sanders is still refusing to quit and is making all sorts of demands. More and more, I read where people were initially very impressed with Sanders but as the campaign wore on, their enthusiasm waned, and now many of them believe he is an irascible old nuisance and it is time for him to go. He needs to respect the democratic decision and stop this nonsense.

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6 Responses to Bernie Sander’s Campaign Aides Speak Out

  1. Well written, IG! I can’t quite get past where he pushed aside his wife onstage. That pretty much did it for me.

    • Moles says:

      I’m afraid I can’t work up much sympathy for little Jane. I think she’s been winding him up since day one.

  2. 40Watt says:

    To be charitable, I’m going to say we are looking at the workings of an aging brain – a couple of ideas repeated over and over plus irritability.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Clinton Has Won According To Bernie’s Own Rules

    Clinton won New Jersey by over 60 percent of the vote. This is the fourteenth contest she has won with 60 or more percent of the vote. Why is that a significant number? Because Bernie says anyone who has won that much of the vote should get the superdelegates, as well. If you add up the superdelegates in all of the contests which Clinton won with 60 percent or more, you get 183 delegates. That’s a lot of delegates. In fact, it’s enough.

    I’m not up to checking the arithmetic this am, so I’ll presume this it correct. 🙂

  4. lindak1961 says:

    I’m holding off judging Bernie until after his meeting with President Obama tomorrow. What you wrote is damning, but I’m hoping that the President will be able to talk sense into Bernie, and that he will do the right thing – concede to Hillary, suspend his campaign and endorse her.

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