The Day Paul Ryan Shat On America


When Paul Ryan endorsed Trump yesterday, he could not have envisaged the speech that Hillary Clinton was going to give. She made a damn fool out of the lot of them.

When I first went to college (long, long story) I had to dissect a rabbit. Being typical punk-assed teenagers, we practiced in the front garden of a suburban house and then proceeded to string the rabbit’s dried guts around any available and visible perimeter. We were into shock and awe. We were fecking awful. I can still remember elderly women heaving as they walked past. Sorry Cork residents!

What Hillary did yesterday was pretty much the same, sort of. She strung up Trump’s dessicated bowels for the world to see. Now whether you like her or not, she did a masterful job.

And just to add  intestinal fortitude to the measure – old Paulie  doesn’t have any. He capitulated in the end and shat all over America  and the rest of the world.

Paulie is a stool.


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4 Responses to The Day Paul Ryan Shat On America

  1. Samella Williams says:

    Paul Ryan met with Donald Trump today … HILARIOUS CARTOON!

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    Ha. Love it. I’ve added it to the post. Many thanks.

  3. Scarsdale says:

    The cartoon depiction of tRump is right on! No neck, chinless, sloping shoulders, fat body, skinny legs – PERFECT! Ryan is a spinelsess fool, no wonder he was made “Speaker of the House” I hope he loses the next election.

  4. Moles says:

    I agree about Clinton’s speech. She cut him off at the knees.

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