A Glorious Day


The sun shone. I gardened. I painted everything in sight. I painted the bench, terracotta pots and the bbq (black).

I had three tins of paint left from last year. Yellow, white and blue. Once I had painted the bench the right colour, I let loose and mixed all the paints. We now have a strange shade of green permeating the back yard.

When my shocking pink surfinias blossom, we will be the most LGBT garden in Dublin.

Crippled son has friends over to watch a soccer match. Delinquent daughter had taken addled Ali for her walkies and surfer dude will be home next week.

Plus, I made the most fantastic patato bravas last night. It only took me twenty years to get it right.

So suck it up cupcake…as Sarah Palin would say.

Track-Palin-Domestic-Violence-2 (1)

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3 Responses to A Glorious Day

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Beautiful day here too, but tomorrow might be nasty – Tropical Storm Bonnie is on the way.

  2. PVAZ says:

    Is your son permanently crippled?

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