Donald Names


Old sphincter-face Trump has a nasty habit of giving demeaning nicknames to his opponents. There was low-energy Jeb, lyin’ Ted, crazy Bernie and finally crooked Hillary.

I’ve seen a few nicknames for the orange buffoon floating around. Hair dRumf, the tangerine nightmare, deceitful Donald and Don the Con. I think my favourite one is little Donnie. It is simple and emasculating and I think he would hate it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for naming this nasty bully.


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14 Responses to Donald Names

  1. frettadafrog says:

    Trae Crowder “Liberal Redneck” calls him “Carny handed mango man”.
    I love it.

  2. 40Watt says:

    That image is hard to look at. I can’t get this out of my head – some of my friends have hemorrhoids. Others are perfect assholes.

  3. 40Watt says:

    In the last 8 years of political mishegos, I have said, “I couldn’t make this stuff up” far too often. Here I go again.

    Evangelicals find a way to accept Trump as a Godly man.

    At one recent meeting with Trump, evangelical leaders noted how he often flashes a signature hand gesture, with a thumb out and a finger point to the sky, as he enters and exits rallies.

    “You see athletes do it all the time and it’s their chance to point to the sky, to thank God for their success,” said Pastor Mark Burns, CEO of a Christian television network based in South Carolina. “Trump does this all of the time, too. He’s giving reverence to the man upstairs.” […]

    This sounds positively bonkers, but it’s a fairly standard trick in industrial Christianity. These folks can take pretty much anything and spin it into a sign from God that means you should give them and their friends — who just so happen to already be rich, in accordance with the Lord’s will — a sizable chunk of your money.

    Still, this is pretty impressive even by their standards. Think how hard you have to dig to find a religious justification for picking Trump over Clinton in order to land on “he points to the sky a lot.”

  4. PalinsHoax says:

    Let’s see. Names for this abberation. Well, there’s:
    Dinkie Donnie; Dummy Donnie; Flatulent Donnie; Flabby Donnie; Donnie the Freak; Donnie the Dodo; Tiny-Fingered Donnie; Donnie, the Lad with the Hands of a Lady; Scam Man Donnie; Flim Flam Donnie; Donnie Doolittle; Tubbie Donnie; Donnie, the Great Pretender; Dipstick Donnie, and last but not least Donnie the Puffball*

    *Puffball: a growth that was prevalent in our cow pasture.

    Will some of these names do?

  5. irishgirl999 says:

    Yes indeed. Also and too – Flip Flop Donnie.

  6. irishgirl999 says:

    I like this one. They call him wee Donnie in Scotland.

  7. lindak1961 says:

    Trevor Noah started the #weakdonald hash tag, and I’ve been using that as my new name for Trump. It’s perfect because it’s a hash tag, and #weakdonald loves Twitter. Yet it reduces him to a hash tag, uses small caps and tells the truth – he’s weak.

  8. irishgirl999 says:

    Oh, I like that too. Decisions, decisions…

  9. Scarsdale says:

    The Tangerine Terror, the almost broke “Sugar Daddy”, Incest Donnie since he wants to date his daughter. He must think she looks so much like him, it would be like making love to himself, the great tRump.

  10. crow says:

    I like “Alleged Billionaire” Donald Trump (hat tip to The Young Turks), since he refuses to show his tax returns. He doesn’t care if tax returns show he doesn’t pay taxes or donate to charities, but he doesn’t want his phony claims of wealth exposed.

    Trump is not bothered by the kind of childish taunts he throws at other people (I swear that guy is really only 6 years old) but he HATES it when someone insinuates that he is not as rich as he claims to be. He hounds reporters forever if they dare question the amount of his wealth, and he really, really hates it when Forbes magazine reports his wealth as being less than half of what he claims.

    When Comedy Central roasts a celebrity the idea is to make fun of a person but not to humiliate them. So, before a roast the guest is asked if there is any subject that is out of bounds for the roasters and it will be respected. The usual request is to leave family out of it – an understandable request. In Trump’s case, he was fine with making fun of his family, his hair, everything except…his wealth. No jokes about his wealth (or more likely, lack of it).

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