Palin Has Yet Another Facebook Fit


From the old hooah’s shouty page…

Trump has a pow-wow with unsupportive GOPe House leader Paul Ryan today. Anticipate Ryan, after following crucifiers of our conservative frontrunner and all of his early supporters, to now position himself as the leader of those politico wussies to the cool kids’ table. Typical politics. Makes me ill. DJT can’t capitulate.

The holier-than-thou GOPe that sees elections as merely a money-making business has stomped all over We the People for the last time. They got us into the mess we’re in with their failed, capitulating agenda that’s gone along with Obama’s fundamental transformation of America that includes devastating debt increase, deadly open borders, failed foreign nation building, exporting jobs, dividing the country, and quashing American exceptionalism… while laughing all the way to their personal bank accounts.

Today, Trump can not cede any victorious ground to the losers who got us into the mess we’re in. And he won’t. He’ll own the meeting like a boss. Can’t wait to hear Ryan’s take on it afterwards; anticipate it’ll be as accurate as his infamous claims of balancing a budget… or running his Olympic-qualifying marathon.…/oh-dear-lou-dobbs-e…/

Well someone has her knickers in a twist. She may want to tone down about Paul Ryan and his marathon. She has her very own magical marathon to explain.


I imagine that the Donald might not be so appreciative of her efforts to tell him what to do. She is a woman after all, and a rather stupid one at that.

Paul Ryan while not yet endorsing Trump, appears to be laying the groundwork for a surrender.

I’m kind of shocked that one of few GOP members to have any ballz is Lindsey Graham!


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8 Responses to Palin Has Yet Another Facebook Fit

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Awww, Quitter and her latest rant isn’t trending on either FB or on twitter. This won’t help bring in donations to her slush fund, er, PAC.

  2. Scarsdale says:

    Does she have rwo right feet?

  3. Scarsdale says:


  4. Pearl says:

    Stupid, stupid cow!…and ass kissing grifter! Trump’s merchandise is made in sweat shops in third world countries. He’s the one giving away jobs to foreigners, therefore I dedicate this song to her stupid bitchtness:

  5. ProfessorCanine says:

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