The Day I Cheated

Paul Ryan spews forth…

“Well, look we’re going to get into this whole thing,” he said. “That’s what this whole conversation is. What I want to see is all conservatives rally together to win this election and defeat Hillary Clinton and make sure we put conservatives on the Supreme Court, make sure we keep Congress. This is the mountain we have to climb.”

“Look, we’ve got the biggest majority in the House since 1928. Fifty-four Republican senators. We have huge majorities in the statehouses and governorships. We’ve got one more hill to climb, one more mountain to climb, it’s what I keep saying and we will climb this if we all as conservatives rally around principles and advance a common agenda and common principles going forward and wins this election,” Ryan said. “I believe we can do that, but we can’t fake it. We can’t pretend. We have to actually unify and do it.”

Ryan and Trump are due to meet on Thursday in Washington.

Now Paulie boy, we all know you cheated to get those governships. The exit polls told a vastly different story.

So you can take your man-baby and his tit/boob aka meth horror from the Tundra and feck off.

I played basketball as a teenager. One day I pushed the girl in front of me so she couldn’t get the ball.

It worked.


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3 Responses to The Day I Cheated

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    There is logic there. 🙂

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