Palin’s Big Mouth And Ryan Offers To Give Up Convention Post


Courtesy of Commentary Magazine:

Sarah Palin’s attack on Paul Ryan yesterday because the House Speaker is not now supporting Donald Trump’s presidential bid confirms yet again that she is among the more witless people to have ever held public office.

There are several things worth noting in what she said. For one thing, the claim that Ryan’s career is “over but for a miracle” is wishful thinking on her part. Paul Ryan was a Republican long before Donald Trump decided he was – and he’ll be in office long after Trump has left the political stage. He’s popular in his district, and he’s not going to be defeated in a primary.

Beyond that, Palin has yet to offer an intelligent defense of Trump. When she has spoken out on his behalf, it is cringe-inducing.

But the most striking thing about Palin’s comments to CNN’s Jake Tapper is how embittered she is and how dyspeptic she has become, which may explain why she jettisoned her conservative principles (such as they were) to support Trump — the most liberal Republican running for president in Palin’s lifetime. Why would someone who portrayed herself for years as a Tea Party, limited government, “constitutional conservative” weigh in on behalf of Trump during the Republican primary, when every other candidate better represented the convictions she claimed?

Peter Wehner believes she is supporting Trump because she likes his personality. She probably does like the old bastard but I think she is more interested in the exposure she can get hanging off Trump’s coattails. Wehner suggests that those who care about her (???) should intervene to prevent Palin from further humiliating herself.

And then there is this from The Guardian:

House speaker Paul Ryan, who in that role is expected to serve as chairman of the Republican national convention in July, has told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that he would bow out if Donald Trump so wishes.

Trump is to be formally nominated for president at the convention. Ryan last week said he was not ready to endorse the presumptive nominee. The two were scheduled to meet this coming Thursday in an attempt to sort out their differences, which some view as posing an existential threat to the Republican party.

It looks as if Ryan really, really wants to distance himself from Trump. What on earth will happen next? Trump is wreaking havoc with the GOP!

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5 Responses to Palin’s Big Mouth And Ryan Offers To Give Up Convention Post

  1. lindak1961 says:

    More and more people are finally waking up to the fact that Quitter is an idiot.

    Meanwhile, it looks like Ryan doesn’t want a thing to do with Drumpf, including chairing the RNC, which is bound to be a wreck if Drumpf gets his way. Ryan may be thinking that he’s better off having nothing to do with RNC this year, and sit it out like many other gopers seem to be planning on doing.

    • I agree – – Ms. SP may be Ryan’s perfect excuse to get the heck out of Dodge and the RNC this year by offering to capitulate to Ms. SP’s concerns. Seems to me the RNC will be nothing more than chaotic craziness that could seem scary on many levels. Way to go, Ms SP ! Run, Ryan, Run! Run away fast!!

      • irishgirl999 says:

        That’s my take on it too. Ryan wants nothing to do with Trump. I read somewhere recently that Trump plans to speak every night of the convention. He is a STAR! They will be there for him and him alone.

  2. On a personal note, I’m rejoining the ‘Mothers of Crippled Young Adult Sons’ club, where membership is always free and never needs renewal. Hockey playing goalie son has blown out his hamstring. Surgery looms. MOCYAS motto: Never give away the crutches ! My living room will again become the infirmary during recuperation. Can’t beat mom/son time when son is immobilized and can’t run away. (I’m sure, though, that his headphones will be a 24/7 fixture upon his ears.)

    • irishgirl999 says:

      So sorry to hear that about your son. Hope he recuperates quickly.

      From experience, he will get bored and talk to you. It can be fun! The downside was the bathroom problem…

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