The Vagina Monologue


My husband has an irritating habit of bringing his laptop into the kitchen while I am cooking bland food. While I am trying to remember the ingredients and convert ounces to the metric system, there is a noise in the background. It could be anything. He loves documentaries. I’ve had to listen to Jews escaping from tyranny on the Nile, hunters in SA, Have I got News For You and various other treats.

The other day, he was listening to something and he said to me…this woman really knows her stuff. He was insistent that I look at it. I was in the middle of a Red Velvet cake and didn’t appreciate the interruption. As I reluctantly walked over to have a look, I said to him in surprise…ah for feck’s sake, that is Elizabeth Warren. I then proceeded to school him on her attributes. He was a sorry camper!

So…I haven’t been feeling the burn to write much lately. Nothing surprises me anymore and that is not good. I feel a bit heart sick at the state of Irish and American politics. They are all a shower of wankers.

Palin, before she lost her teeth.

However, I woke up at some ungodly hour this morning and proceeded to read a post at IM about Elizabeth Warren tweeting Trump. I was sort of taken aback at the mention of vaginas, balls and penises. There was a Bill Maher post too!

And then I got it! Now I know that Gryphen would love to see Elizabeth Warren as VP. In my humble opinion, that would be a waste of her vast talents. But, at the moment, she is doing the job of a VP. She is the attack dog and she is not letting the orange buffoon away with anything. She is trolling the Donald and all he can come up with is calling her goofy.

Liz Warren still has her teeth and they can leave a mark.

If the Dems take back the Senate, she will be a veritable Rottweiler.

images (1).jpg





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2 Responses to The Vagina Monologue

  1. lindak1961 says:

    You’re right – Elizabeth Warren would be a waste as VP. So would Bernie Sanders. I want to keep both in the Senate to help President Hillary Clinton enact the progressive policies we need to make the US even greater. I hope that Hillary picks someone younger, but just as capable and as progressive as Elizabeth Warren, and who is not a Senator, for her running mate.

  2. Just received our family’s ballots to vote in my State’s Presidential Primary. Had to declare a party in order to vote – – Hillary and Bern on Dem side, The Doffus and the 3 Stooges on the circus side. We did our ballots right away and it was truly unsettling to have to consider what would happen if the unthinkable would occur. The Doofus was also in my State yesterday at a rally in a small town close to the Canadian border. My sister lives in that area and got caught up in traffic messes on what was a gorgeous day. 45 minutes of typical Doffus’ insulting nothingness . . . even insulted his local backers by citing that their population was 3000 folks less than it was at some point in time I can’t remember . . . ‘What’s wrong with you people?’ was his question to the crowd as he cited lower unemployment as a cause. And there’s the rub for me . . . except for some small inner circle of folks, the rest of the nation are all ‘you people’ in the most negative sense of the phrase. The list of folks he doesn’t disdain has to be very small. Is it any larger than his immediate family, if that big? Good grief !!

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