My Day

My day started with me walking bleary-eyed into the kitchen gasping for a cup of tea. I noticed something on the kitchen counter that needed to be binned so I opened the cupboard under the sink where we keep our small rubbish/trash bin.

Imagine my eek as I stood looking at a well-nourished mouse.


A few days ago, Ali, our intrepid Jack Russell had gone into the utility room and started tearing at a pack of oats that crippled son had bought along with a protein pack some time ago. Daughter and I laughed at the thought of the dog eating oats and I promptly threw them into the outside bin.

So with the food source removed, they have now moved into the kitchen en masse. I am not joking when I tell you that I have seen at least 15 mice today. They could be the same guys running around, but somehow I don’t think so. They are mostly under the sink and in the utility room. Daughter spotted one today running across the kitchen floor.

There will be death in our house tomorrow.

On a brighter note, last year we had an unexpected guest. Well he is back in Dublin with his wife and they took hubby and myself out for a lovely meal tonight.

He is an American living in Europe – his dad worked under the Kennedy administration. He is so disallusioned with American politics that he doesn’t follow it anymore. He knows I follow  it so we had great fun with me telling him the gory bits.

To be perfectly honest, I think he knows a lot more than he is letting on…


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4 Responses to My Day

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    Get a cat,’cuz Ali ain’t doin’ her job.

  2. Napalm. The whole damn house!

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