Ted Cruz Is Going To Name Carly Fiorina As His VP Pick


Courtesy of Vox:

With his campaign for the Republican nomination seemingly at death’s door, Ted Cruz is trying one last time to make a comeback — by naming Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential pick.

As first reported by WMUR’s Josh DiStaso and Josh McElveen and National Review’s Tim Alberta, and since confirmed by multiple other media outlets, Cruz will announce his choice of Fiorina as his running mate at a Wednesday afternoon rally in Indiana.

The announcement comes as Donald Trump’s campaignlooks more dominant than ever, following the billionaire’s sweep of five Northeastern states on Tuesday. Trump now has nearly twice as many delegates as Ted Cruz, and itlooks increasingly likely that he’ll win the delegate majority he needs — or get quite close to it — before the GOP convention.

So it may seem odd that Cruz, who is clearly losing, is announcing his vice presidential pick, which is something usually done by winners. Indeed, there’s little apparent precedent for a presidential candidate to pick a running mate while the primaries are still going on.

I think Ted has gone all mavericky and is throwing a Hail Mary pass. This is not going to help him win anything. It will be interesting to see Trump’s reaction to this. 🙂

Update: This was Palin’s reaction on FB.

It’s smarter to actually put the ball through the HOOP before you claim victory.

Now isn’t she a nasty little b*tch?

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8 Responses to Ted Cruz Is Going To Name Carly Fiorina As His VP Pick

  1. uberduck says:

    Now there’s a nightmare in the making. Could this be in response to Trump’s comment about Clinton and the magic Female Card? The crazy is so strong in all of this, it makes my head hurt.

  2. uberduck says:

    As to Palin’s response, all is right with the world.

  3. ProfessorCanine says:

    Cross-eyed crazy bitch right there.
    Porn movie with a Carly look a like in 5-4-3-2-1…

  4. Pete says:

    ODL(Oh dear Lord) so lame of her with the basketball reference, she’s still desperately trying to sell her brand every chance she gets. I’m surprised she didn’t throw in a barracuda reference also, too!

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Actually her FB comment is correct and a reaction to Cruz referring to a basketball hoop as a ring. Bottom line, when Quitter mocks you, and she’s got the terms right, you’ve just failed. Drumpf will have fun with this, but will prove once again, just how unpresidential he is.

    • wiscowoman says:

      Actually $arah’s FB comment wasn’t correct. You claim victory when your team puts the ball through the hoop more times than your opponent does when time runs out.
      $arah was so thrilled to be able to remind her fans that she played basketball in HS but forgot the rules.

  6. Scarsdale says:

    Maybe Rafael “Ted” Cruz thinks having Carly beside him will make him look more attractive? I wonder why he did not chose his own father, the extremely religious Rafael Sr. to be his running mate? They are desperate to make the US come back to Jesus.

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