GOP – Up Shit Creek

oh boy

Courtesy of Politicususa:

A new Suffolk University poll has found that 19% of Republicans say they will support Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination.

The poll contained some numbers that should terrify Republicans. 40% of Republicans polled said that they would not support the party’s nominee if Donald Trump wins. 25% of the anti-Trump Republican vote would consider voting for a third party candidate. 19% of the never Trump Republicans would vote for Hillary Clinton, and 18% would stay home and not vote at all. By gender, 10% of men, and 9% of Republican women would vote for Clinton over Trump. 18% of very likely Republican general election voters would support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.

Oh my. No wonder that Koch f*cktard  has been all over the news this last weekend. The GOP are well and truly fecked if Trump is the nominee. I really, really hope he is is nominated. Lyin’ Ted and Food Fight Kasich are doing their best to divvy up the delegates in various states to deny Donald his win. I have lost track of the states and the different rules…

Crazy Donald will not be denied methinks. Even if he doesn’t really want to be president, he doesn’t like losing. He will go  third party for the hell of it and blame the GOP. That is how he will save face. He must know at this stage that he will never be president?


Just how are those darn Republicans going to deal with this?

I haven’t a fecking clue.



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2 Responses to GOP – Up Shit Creek

  1. Pete says:

    O/T Yep, it was Gina Louden! In regards to the Trig story!! Good Memory!!!

  2. Fear and panic I suspect. It’s all they have left

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