Jesus Christ – Trump Wants To Build A Wall Around Ireland

Courtesy of Magicseaweed:

As you may know, one of my sons is a surfer dude. He is currently in the West Coast of the USA. I am in the midst (actually at the end of painting his room). I painted the crippled son’s room too. I went with an all white theme. That way you don’t don’t notice the splotches. Crippled son has already made black marks on the white wall. I don’t know why I bother.

Anyway, talking to surfer dude tonight, and we had such a  laugh.

USA’s presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to build a 200,000 tonne rock wall that would ‘destroy’ a picturesque beach and surf spot in Ireland in order to save his multi-million pound golf resort.

On the other-side of the world from Trump’s proposed wall between the USA and Mexico (yeah, that’s a real thing) his Ireland-based firm that runs beach-side Doonbeg Golf Resort in County Clare, is seeking planning permission to dump large boulders on Doughmore beach, creating a wall they hope will prevent erosion of the golf course there. The reverb from that sea wall could end up spoiling one of the best beach breaks in County Clare.

Ain’t gonna happen Donald, Ireland has more to do with its money than build a wall around your golf resort. The surfers will not allow it either!


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6 Responses to Jesus Christ – Trump Wants To Build A Wall Around Ireland

  1. NIMBY! You’d better watch it. The Trumpster will be tweeting about how ‘not fair’ you are.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    When he’s president, Drumpf is gonna build that wall around Ireland, just after he builds the wall on the Mexican border. And he’s gonna make Mexico pay for the wall it doesn’t want, and make Ireland pay for wall it doesn’t want. Then he will declare war on whichever country’s leader has just insulted him.

    And all that will make America great again!

  3. 40Watt says:

    Sum of a beach!

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