All Hell Is Breaking Loose In The Republican Party



I have no link to anything because I have been busy dealing with two exam students, my nearly 19 year old daughter, and my nearly 24 year old son. My nearly but not quite 26 year old son will be returning to us in June from his surfing adventures in North and South America. And then probably returning to SD for another while.

In my wisdom, I decided to paint a few bedrooms just for good measure. So I have been catching up on the news between coats of paint.

It seems to me that Trump has done a number on the GOP. He has the popular vote amongst the Rs – it is around 35?

If the GOP turn around and do a number on him (which I’m sure they’re planning), he will throw a hissy fit and depart and he will walk away with one third of the GOP vote. I don’t think his devotees will vote for anyone else.

Added to the GOP misery is the fact that about 10% of  R voters in many states will vote for Hillary before Donald, and many others will just sit it out.

Of course, many of the Republican governors are only governors because of electoral fraud. But if their  own side refuse to vote for the GOP nominee, they might have a damn hard time cooking those numbers.

It is getting very interesting indeed!


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7 Responses to All Hell Is Breaking Loose In The Republican Party

  1. Tumbleweed1 says:

    It is a sad state of affairs here.
    I keep watching Trump and all he ever says is “It’s not FAIR!” Like a two year old kicking sand in the box when he thinks someone has stolen his ball.

    • crow says:

      It’s only not fair when Trump is on the losing end. When Trump soaks people for thousands of dollars over his phony “university”, or when he forces people out of their homes so he can build a golf course, or when he files bankruptcy keeping his assets and leaving investors holding the bag, then it’s “the art of the deal”.

  2. Judy says:

    I’ve been talking to my Republican friends and they would rather vote Bernie. BTW Bernie was here in Syracuse and I old have gone in. Wish I did but I got a button. I have also decided that I am likely to vote for him in the NY primary on the 19th

  3. Judy says:

    damn where is the edit button
    Could have

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