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Palin -Trump. The Natural Trajectory

My husband has always hated (disliked) the amount of time I spend googling American politics. He can’t bear Sarah Palin’s voice and if I turn on a video of her, I need to do it quietly. I tried to explain … Continue reading

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When You Want To Look Casual

Stumpy thighs is never a good idea.  Has she a bandage wrapped around the top of her leg? That black ensemble is just a no NO. This may be something you would lounge around in in your own home – … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Reacts (Hysterically) To Trump Blacklist

I don’t know what was in the water in Wasilla today – could it have been lead? I think this has to be one of Palin’s most bizarre rants yet. Well alrighty then. She continues on and on and on… So … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think Trump Will Get The Republican Nomination

Rinsed Penis aka Reince Priebus has pretty much confirmed that today. He stated that just because Trump may have the most delegates going into the convention, that it basically means nothing. Anything can happen. If he hasn’t reached the magical … Continue reading

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I Think It Is Time For A Mudstock

Hubby has some air miles. There is a certain pier somewhere in NY that is just begging for a gathering.  

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Pope Fires Viganò

Do you remember all the fuss when Kim Davis turned up for a private meeting with Pope Frances when he visited the USA recently? Well it was pretty clear at the time that he had been ambushed by the Vatican Ambassador … Continue reading

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The Palin Bedside Manner

  The latest from Sarah Palin’s FB page… Willow and Piper seem to think it is hysterical. Holy shit. That woman couldn’t give a damn about her husband, and it shows.

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