An Irish Wake

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A video showing Brian O’Sullivan belting out an incredible, passionate rendition of The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” in tribute to his late friend has gone viral; and now the band themselves have responded.

Mr. O’Sullivan initiated the sing-a-long at the wake of Ger ‘Farmer’ Foley, which was held at Falveys Pub in Killorglin, County Kerry; following the funeral of Mr. Foley earlier that day.

“He was the salt of the earth, he will never be replaced and we will remember him forever in our lives,” Mr. O’Sullivan preceded the sing-a-long with. “I think that the most appropriate song that you can get for this man is “Mr. Brightside”.”

…Peter Teahan, who was present at the wake and filmed the tribute, stated that the 45-year-old Mr. Foley, who had cystic fibrosis, was an incredibly popular member of the community. “It certainly wasn’t a normal Thursday night in Falveys,” he told BBC News, “A lot of people had been getting up to sing, one person had a guitar and did Raglan Road.”

“Brian was a good friend of Ger’s, and that was one of Ger’s favourite songs, so he got everyone going,” he continued. “Most people in the area knew Ger, he was very popular. It was a very good send-off for him.”


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15 Responses to An Irish Wake

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    Cool dance mix with Mr.Brightside.

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    I have just had a wicked idea – probably stupid. Wouldn’t it be fun to change the words of that song to make it about Trump and then the feckers can perform it in NYC at the end of the night…

    Shirley, someone amongst us can belt out a song?

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    Brian said that although he was delighted to see the reaction to the clip, he wanted people to know that the video is about his pal ‘Farmer’ and not him.

    “There’s the fun side of it obviously but also the serious side,” he said.

    “It’s been a very emotional ride. Ger would have loved the exposure his passing would have got because he loved rock and roll.

    “When I stood up on that bar I wasn’t standing up for people in America or Australia or anywhere around the world. I was standing on that bar for Farmer

    “This is about Ger, it’s about CF and it’s not about Brian O’Sullivan.”

    Speaking on the Anton Savage Show on Today FM, Brian opened up about Ger’s life as a music loving sound engineer.

    He said that he hopes the viral hit will bring a smile to Ger’s kids’ faces when they watch it back.

    “For Isobel and Peter, to grow up and watch it back in maybe 10 years time and say ‘That was a great way to send dad off’. That would be fantastic,” he added.

    He also made a heartfelt appeal to listeners to carry an organ donor card to help other CF sufferers, as well as those with other conditions.

    “The one thing I want is for everyone to think about getting [an organ] donor card,” Brian said.

    “Ger’s legacy lives on in Isabelle and Peter. He got double lung transplant back in 2003 and if he hadn’t there would be no Isabelle and Peter.

    “People can save people’s lives by just carrying a donor card.”

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    RIP. Ger “Farmer” Foley. Your friends did you proud. You got a most marvellous send-off.

  5. irishgirl999 says:

    Jaysus, you are a wicked, sour bunch across the pond. I thought you would love that! Instead, I am talking to myself again… And I gave you a good few hours to relish it. Sigh.

    • ProfessorCanine says:

      Here,dig on some Chet Faker to make ya feel better.

      A heart will swell before it’s hardened
      With the flick of the hair, it can make you old
      Another hole to dig my soul in
      I’ll leave anything bare that keeps me soul

  6. ProfessorCanine says:

    “…with Ali on my back.”
    Like this?

  7. ProfessorCanine says:

    Have a funny story to share here…
    I go today to my little neighborhood corner store that is owned by some very good friends/neighbors whom are Muslims from Bangladesh.
    I immediately spot a new item on the counter that surprised me.(the one on the left)
    As I put my bottle of Pinot Grigio on the counter and asked for my cigs,I asked:
    “What the fuck is this?”
    My humble good as gold friend replied calmly as he picked one up and surgically implanted a large needle in the head of said bobblehead:
    “It’s a voodoo doll”
    I lost my shit in laughter and high fives were exchanged!
    After I asked him why this crap was in his store,he said a vendor dropped them off and said what ever doesn’t sell,he’ll pick up the rest and he can keep the money for ones sold.
    It was off the charts funny!

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