Making America Smart Again


Courtesy of The Irish Examiner:

Speaking to more than a million spectators, vowing to “make America great again” and declaring that he’s a leader who is “a fantastic success, just like my amazing, amazing companies,” Donald J. Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States amid continuing demonstrations against what protesters call his racist and anti-immigrant policies.

“When was the last time we won at anything?” President Trump asked the cheering crowd, which was cordoned off from thousands of loud and angry demonstrators. “I’ve built a fantastic business, employed thousands of people, ran the best campaign, when you look at it, like, ever. Like, better than Lincoln. So the winning starts today.”

As the new president spoke, former President Barack Obama, whose citizenship Trump questioned as recently as Friday morning at the traditional meeting at the White House of the new and former presidents, looked away.

Fuck it!

House Speaker Paul Ryan, still smarting from Trump’s remark at a congressional Christmas party that the Wisconsinite “was only elected by a few farmers,” clapped politely.

On day one, Trump has already put his mark on the capital. He became the first president to tweet during an inaugural. “These protestors are bad guys. Really bad. Election’s over. Get a life. SAD!” After the ceremony, instead of watching the inaugural parade from a reviewing stand at the White House, Trump led the procession as grand marshal and watched the festivities from in front of the Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office, the luxury property he opened in September.

Secret Service agents and other federal law enforcement officials flanked the new president as he was both cheered and jeered on his walk down Pennsylvania Avenue. The president and first lady Melania Trump will live in one of its presidential suites at the hotel until their renovations at the White House, estimated to cost $6 million and paid for out of their own pocket (including extensive gold leafing in the Oval Office), are finished this spring. “Frankly, this hotel is so, so fantastic, really terrific, that I might stay. I could. I should I won’t, but I could. It’s that good.”


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4 Responses to Making America Smart Again

  1. Wow – – that’s impressive on one hand and terrifying on the.other. It made me laugh, though, so let’s hear it for the laughingstock. Hope the Trumpster doesn’t see this, however. He’ll think it’s real – – he will have read it somewhere, you know.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Funny, in a frightening way, piece of fantasy. I just don’t see tRump getting elected, most Americans are too smart to vote for him. Hillary and Bernie each have more votes than tRump does.

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