Palin -Trump. The Natural Trajectory

My husband has always hated (disliked) the amount of time I spend googling American politics. He can’t bear Sarah Palin’s voice and if I turn on a video of her, I need to do it quietly.

I tried to explain to him that she was dangerous. He wasn’t having that. He thought she was some idiot from Alaska (which she is), but he didn’t think that she held any sway.

Now, with the advent of Trump, he is reconsidering. He asks me quite often about Trump’s latest atrocity and now he understands why I followed the shenanigans of that racist bitch.

She made it OK for people to come out of the woodwork and call someone a nigger. Trump and his followers have zoomed in on that.

And now the GOP primary has gone beyond a farce.


The whole world is horrified by what is happening. Democracy in the the great old USA is unravelling before our eyes.

I said in a previous post about the SCOTUS nomination that the GOP had killed democracy.

I still believe that.

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9 Responses to Palin -Trump. The Natural Trajectory

  1. Linda says:

    Yet Obama dancing the Tango is WW3! They have embraced Trump with all his baggage and nastiness, yet want to play moral judge and jury for others! They are blowing in the wind!

  2. This truly is such an emotional roller coaster I’m on. Many days it seems implausible that a Republican could be elected. President Obama has served two terms after all. On other days, doubt, worry and fear do creep in. And how could it not, given the rhetoric. My millennial son told me last night he was considering a work VISA should the Republicans win – – Canada or NZ, here he comes! It really is all about informing the electorate to get out and vote ! Voter apathy will be the decision maker in my opinion and reminding the millennials now of the importance of their vote, whether for my candidate or not, seems crucial to me. I believe they’ll make a choice I would agree with.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I honestly believe that America will do the right thing. Sane people will get out and vote. It is the “suppressing of the vote” that troubles me, but if people vote in large enough numbers – and I think they will – the world hopefully will be rid of the despicable Palins and Trumps.

      I can’t even contemplate a Trump/Cruz win.

      • Moles says:

        I can hardly believe I’m thinking this but am beginning to wonder how much the 2008 result was a huge vote for Obama or a huge terrified vote against Palin.

  3. crow says:

    “She made it OK for people to come out of the woodwork and call someone a nigger. Trump and his followers have zoomed in on that.”

    And that is really what it all comes down to. Trump has disparaged every group and called everyone names, but the one word he can’t get away with saying anymore is “nigger”. Oh, he wants to say it. And his fans want to hear it. They share that silent knowingness when they get together at rallies. They just can’t say the word anymore and it really bothers them. They can deny black people their voting rights, incarcerate them, assault them at rallies, and even shoot them, they just can’t call them “niggers” anymore. And that’s really what they want. They’re not bothered as much by the fact that a black man is in the White House as they are by the fact that they can’t call him “nigger”.

  4. I’m always taken aback when the rhetoric turns to the ‘poorly educated’ supporters. What? And truly, what does that say about this nation and education? In the land of the free and the home of the brave, equal quality education should be available to all, along with outreach to those who struggle within the K-12 system – – i.e. homeless, itinerant, single working parent, immigrant, low income, special needs, etc. etc. etc. I’m not sure how you can speak of a poorly educated populace in one sentence and not have that sentence immediately followed by how you will make quality education more accessible to all.

  5. Judy says:

    The Wife war is absolutely Horrific. I hope this is what takes the Donald down

    • Tumbleweed1 says:

      I cannot believe that America has come down to this.
      Jesus Christ. We are smarter and better than this.
      Please tell me I am not the only one out here pissing against the wind….

  6. Scarsdale says:

    When Dubya ran, I thought it was a joke. Never thought HE would make it into that office. Dirty tricks abound in the gop ranks. We took a trip to the UK, and my two sons said they intended to tell people they were Canadian, they were ashamed that HE was the president. I seriously think tRump has some type of mental disorder. Adults do not say the things he does. I get a Down Syndrome vibe at times, looking at his eyes. SANE people do not act this way. Something is off about this clown.

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