I Don’t Think Trump Will Get The Republican Nomination


Rinsed Penis aka Reince Priebus has pretty much confirmed that today. He stated that just because Trump may have the most delegates going into the convention, that it basically means nothing. Anything can happen. If he hasn’t reached the magical number of delegates, Trump may be dumped on his fat arse. I think that is what they are planning to do. There is no way the establishment is going to accept him and they will change the rules to suit themselves.

Just my two cents for the night.

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8 Responses to I Don’t Think Trump Will Get The Republican Nomination

  1. Pearl says:

    From what I’m hearing, he will be the candidate by default because there’s no one else. For many reasons they hate Ted Cruz more than they hate Trump. What a world, LOL!

  2. And here you go ramping up my anxiety, while the situation is looking rosier from your perspective. I do worry about what actions Trump followers will take if he doesn’t receive the nomination. Will Trump ramp them up? Will he run as an independent? My hope is that he just disappears and heads off for a long vacation in some hot clime – – how about Greece? I’m not feeling real good about this at the moment, however.

  3. irishgirl999 says:

    I’m just getting the feeling that something is up. Of course, the GOP have no one.

    • Moles says:

      I get a bit lost on the delegate rule: If Trump, (0r any other GOP candidate) fails to get the require number of delegates, does that mean they throw the whole nomination process open at the GOP Convention?

      • Pearl says:

        Don’t feel alone! We’re all lost because the GOP keeps changing the rules every election cycle. There are murmurs about them changing some rules again this time prior to the convention to try keep Trump out. Either way he’ll run. His ego won’t permit him to quit.

  4. Pearl says:

    Ben Carson: “Even if Donald Trump turns out not to be such a great president, which I don’t think is the case, I think he’s going to surround himself with really good people, but even if he didn’t, we’re only looking at four years as opposed to multiple generations and perhaps the loss of the American dream forever.”
    They’re resigning themselves to it, lol.

  5. ProfessorCanine says:

    I nominate the following for the GOP theme song.
    They spawned this shit storm…

    Welcome to the jungle
    We’ve got fun ‘n’ games
    We got everything you want
    Honey, we know the names
    We are the people that can find
    Whatever you may need
    If you got the money, honey
    We got your disease
    In the jungle
    Welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your
    knees, knees
    I wanna watch you bleed

  6. Dusty says:

    I think this is yet another one of the GOP talking points to keep Trump and the GOP in the current news cycle. Or rather, I sure hope that is case. LOL

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