The Palin Bedside Manner


The latest from Sarah Palin’s FB page…


Willow and Piper seem to think it is hysterical.


Holy shit. That woman couldn’t give a damn about her husband, and it shows.

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22 Responses to The Palin Bedside Manner

  1. titlewave says:

    Is that poor Todd in the yellow socks? They put one on backwards. Too busy laughing and taking selfies.

      • titlewave says:

        Maybe it was a moment of levity, who knows. But posting it for the public it seems so thoughtless if their minds were occupied with worry. Posting photos to FB would have been the last thing on my mind with a parent in such trauma.

        Sarah’s update on the other hand- bizarro!

    • uberduck says:

      Alas, I have much experience with those hospital socks. They often have the tread-y things on both sides. I doubt he’s doing a whole lot of walking on them at this point regardless. Poor fellow. Regardless of what else one might think of him and his wife, he’s one hurting unit right now! It sounds as though it could have been a fatal accident, if he hadn’t been found pretty quickly.

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

    Operating While Intoxicated(OWI):
    Alaska Statute 28.35.030 A person commits the
    crime of driving while intoxicated if the person operates or
    drives a motor vehicle or operates an aircraft or a watercraft
    while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, or any
    controlled substance. {Note: The legal blood alcohol limit
    is less than 0.08% by weight.}
    Alaska Statute 28.40.100(13) A “motor vehicle”
    means a vehicle which is self-propelled except a vehicle
    moved by human or animal power. {Note: This definition
    applies to all of Alaska Statute Title 28, and the definition
    of “motor vehicle” includes all snowmobiles and ATV’s.}
    Comments: You know what happens when someone is
    arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated with an
    automobile. The same laws and penalties apply to
    snowmobiling. {Note: For the details see Alaska Statutes
    28.35.029 – 28.035.039.}
    High speeds and alcohol are major contributing
    factors to snowmobile accidents. Be smart,
    be safe, ride sober.

  3. ProfessorCanine says:

    Who found him?
    I wanna hear the 911 call for the ambulance!

  4. 40Watt says:

    There is nothing about that pic that would lead me to believe it’s an ICU.

  5. Dusty says:

    If you can enhance the whiteboard in the background you can see the patient information. This looks very much like an ICU room. Laughing and joking are ways people cope with stress. Having their father seriously injured counts as stress. People react to stress in different ways. What works for me might seem offensive to you and what works for you might seem offensive to me. However, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how we each cope as long as we make it through that day.

    • 40Watt says:

      Thank you. I didn’t know how to enhance the white board.

      As to your comment about how people react differently to stress, I agree whole heartedly. I find it distressing when people are judged because their coping mechanisms are thought to be “not the right way to behave.”

    • Gotta agree that with a family whose nuance of things has no ‘middle’, one wouldn’t expect them to have good coping mechanisms in dealing with issues. If things are haters and losers or vibrant and over the top, they have no model on how to act any differently.

    • titlewave says:

      “What works for me might seem offensive to you and what works for you might seem offensive to me.”

      So true. When my mother passed away after several long days and nights in the hospital, we all left to gather at the only cafe open at 3am. We were asked to leave after a time for making too much noise- we were laughing and giggling remembering her and how funny she was. We were exhausted and emotional.

      No one would have guessed what had just happened, but I think what bothers me is we would never have thought to take pictures and post them for the world to share that private moment. What I find odd is they should have known there would be controversy and hatred coming their way as people would possibly misinterpret the situation. You would think they would not use such a serious situation with their father in this way, or even think to. But the Palins seem to think every event in their family needs to be shared with the public, even though they beg for privacy.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        I do agree with Dusty about different coping mechanisms. A few minutes after my father had died, my mother tried to put his false teeth back in his mouth as he had wanted her to do. It wasn’t easy and she ended up with a toilet roll under his chin and a scarf tied from under his chin to the top of his head in order to keep his mouth closed.

        When we saw him lying there with this contraption on his head, we literally fell around the room laughing. Dad would have laughed too.

        The Palins however can’t seem to miss an opportunity for a photo-op and that photo would have been better of being kept private.

      • Dusty says:

        I honestly think they thrive on all the negative attention. They just cannot be that clueless. But it certainly appears that they are that clueless.
        When my late husband was in the CC_ICU the nurses would put his one sock on upside down on his request. He couldn’t lift his one foot, so he’d slide that foot along on the floor as he stepped.
        We would also sit on his bed, while he was sitting in the chair due to the lack of chairs in the room. I think it all depends on the hospital and the staff. Some hospitals and staff don’t allow it but others don’t mind family sitting on the bed.There was many times we laughed, joked and cut up while we were in his room. Mainly it was so we didn’t cry and let on how worried we were about him and to help him relax. He was already too scared.
        The day of his funeral my children and I arrived for the pre-funeral family viewing and as we walked into the room towards the casket, we all started laughing out loud.
        The Funeral Director was shocked and he asked what was wrong. When we could finally stop laughing we explained that his jeans were way too high. He always wore his jeans down on his hips, he even worn his sweat pants down on his hips, because he said that is where they were comfortable. The Funeral Director adjusted his pants lower on his stomach. Good thing he (the FD) has known all of us for many many years and we were the only people in the room at the time.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Isn’t it funny what will set you off, even in the midst of intense grief?

        To move from the subject of funerals, I remember when my brother was getting married. It was the first wedding of any of my siblings. We were sitting of course in the front pew of the church when someone wondered (whispered) out loud what the best man’s speech would be like. The best man was another brother from the same mother.. My mother said, “It will be the same as Johnny Roches (friend of best man) except he will change the names.”

        Well, that got us all going. We were shaking with laughter and the pew was rocking back and forth. We would sort of sober up and stop laughing, but then someone would give a little snort and set us off again.

        It was fecking awful.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Once upon a time, three neighbours decided to take a cooking class. All went well until my friend asked the chef how he sharpened his knife.

        Well that was the end of the cooking class. We were a fecking disgrace…

    • lindak1961 says:

      Good point Dusty. We all deal with stress in different ways, and having a father so seriously injured does count as a highly stressful event.

  6. 40Watt says:

    “The Palins however can’t seem to miss an opportunity for a photo-op and that photo would have been better of being kept private.”

    Absolutely! I sometimes wonder if they would doubt their own existence if they didn’t see themselves plastered all over the googles and tubes.

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