Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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6 Responses to Happy St. Patrick’s Day

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

  2. 40Watt says:

    Pure Irish awesomeness.

  3. Pete says:

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to read the post about your dying PC or I would have suggested purchasing a refurbished machine online from NewEgg. I was a bit apprehensive when I decided to buy a refurbished PC in 2009 for only $200 but my PC is still working perfectly, and I’ve never had any problems with it to this day. Anyway, just thought I would share that info since it’s a great way to save money. Lord knows I love a good bargain!! 🙂 Don’t forget to drink yourself silly today, I’m pretty sure this is the one day it’s officially acceptable.

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