Trump Keeping Palin At Arm’s Length

I don’t know what the hell she was doing with her mouth throughout this interview, but it wasn’t pretty. And she certainly is looking very rough around the edges. She really should be at home with Track who has a date with the court today.

According to The Daily Beast she was as useful as a one armed trapeze artist with an itchy arse when she showed up in Plant City today.  Ok, they’re my words.

PLANT CITY, Florida — Does Sarah Palin reject violence at Donald Trump’s rallies, while simultaneously justifying it? You betcha.

Palin, a surrogate for the Donald Trump campaign, crashed the Florida Strawberry Festival Sunday afternoon, an event that draws half a million people annually to central Florida.

Uninvited, unexpected, and to the consternation of the event’s organizers, Palin showed up in the self-proclaimed “winter strawberry capital of the world,” ostensibly to stump for Trump before Tuesday’s Florida primaries.

Palin’s appearance was intrusive, disruptive, and ultimately just about pointless. She spoke to no more than a couple dozen people as she posed for photos at a make-your-own-strawberry-shortcake stand, dragged a large entourage of police officers through a busy festival, and then left without giving any remarks to the crowd.


The Donald is still keeping her at arm’s length. No invite to the big rallies as far as I can see. Poor old Sarah. Snigger

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9 Responses to Trump Keeping Palin At Arm’s Length

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    How could she not be with her beloved Todd on this holiday?

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

    Well awright then…
    Let us know how the fried guacamole turns out.

  3. crow says:

    Sarah is just pathetic at this point. I’d be surprised if Trump was paying her for any of these latest appearances. I know Sarah doesn’t like to do anything without getting paid for it, but Trump is also famously cheap. While there are stories about his generosity (if he likes you) there is also no shortage of stories about his stinginess and cheapness. He once cashed a check for $0.16. If he can get away with getting something for nothing, he will. He spends very little on ad buys because all the news outlet gives him hours and hours of air time for free.

    Trump may be “allowing” Palin to make these appearances in his name in much the same way he leases his name to companies to use – the hotel may say “Trump” but he doesn’t actually own it. Trump is happy to have Palin go throw red meat to the outlying areas so all he has to do is show up for major rallies. Trump doesn’t work the ground game like the other candidates. And he’s getting what he’s (not ) paying for…Sarah Palin shows up unannounced, grabs some attention for herself and doesn’t even do a support speech for him and then leaves. The only Trump related indication is a peel-off sticker on her shirt.

    Sarah (and Trump) have emotional disorders and truly need media attention to survive. No one is bringing Sarah on their shows any more – she is no longer a draw for TV audiences. And her live appearances have descended to these small venues where, once she would have had a media mob surround her every move, now receives only a few local news blurbs, being covered by a local news team that was already there covering some other event. It’s as if she has agreed to do attention porn in order to feed her addiction.

  4. vegaslib says:

    She looks like she is on meth. The way she is talking seems hyped up and, I haven’t seen any pics of her without her sunglasses. That was not normal behaviour, even from the walking touch of death.

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