Dakota Meyer Awarded Joint Custody Of Sailor Palin


In a startling development, which is sure to make Bristol Palin’s brain whirl, Dakota Meyer has been awarded joint legal and physical custody of Sailor (whose birth date is still shrouded in mystery).

Courtesy of The Daily Mail:

EXCLUSIVE: Judge awards Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer JOINT legal and physical custody of daughter Sailor after months of wrangling, ordering Bristol to provide breast milk to her ex-fiancé for overnight visits over her objections

  • In an interim order on custody, Alaska Judge Herman G. Walker Jr. has determined that it is in Sailor Grace’s best interest to have equal access to both parents

  • Dakota will take the 3,600 mile trip from his home in Kentucky to Alaska twice a month to spend time with his daughter 

  • He will be able to spend time her alone, although Bristol wanted all visits supervised – by her –  because of breastfeeding schedule

  • But text message disclosed Bristol is only breastfeeding daughter at night 

  • Bristol agreed to full day visits only to change her mind when Dakota said he wanted limited time in Bristol’s company 

  • Court papers reveal it was Bristol who called it quits and returned to Alaska when she got pregnant

  • Bristol’s states in another text: ‘didn’t think about her when I called off the wedding, and I didn’t think about her when I left’ 

I don’t think the judge believed that Bristol was breast-feeding. He probably knows a liar when he sees one and could tell she was using this as an excuse to keep Dakota away. Dakota appears to be playing by the rules, something with which the Palin mob are completely unfamiliar. I dare say the judge thought it in Sailor’s best interest to get to know her father.

I haven’t heard if there were any results of a paternity test, but now is your chance Dakota.


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7 Responses to Dakota Meyer Awarded Joint Custody Of Sailor Palin

  1. lindak1961 says:


  2. titlewave says:

    “I haven’t heard if there were any results of a paternity test, but now is your chance Dakota.”

    I can’t believe he’s gone this far without some proof of paternity. Unless he’s playing some game with her mind, which sounds like it could be fun 🙂

    I might be the only person on earth who thinks the baby looks like him, but I’d bet that she had so many, umm, guys during the period in question that even she wasn’t sure. I hope the reality of playing games with the lives of innocent babies is setting in with these two bozos. But I doubt it will.

    • 40Watt says:

      In one of the filings by Bristol, I believe there was an admission of paternity based on DNA results. I saw people interpreting this use of “admit” in the same way as might say. “I admit I stole the cookies from the cookie jar.” This, however, is a legal admission which, in effect, is the acknowledgement of an established fact.

      I know it’s Alaska, but even there I can’t believe that the documentation of that fact – i.e. the DNA test results – would not have to be produced to the court, as would the birth certificate.

  3. wiscowoman says:

    This whole breast feeding only at night is such bullshit. After seeing those recent bikini pics if she truly was limiting her nursing to at night there would not be a bandeau top big enough to hold what would be over engorged milk filled breasts. Not to mention the physical pain she would endure.
    At 6 weeks- which is when she texted dakota and told him that-no way to have milk production regulated like that.

    • ProfessorCanine says:

      That family bottle feeds their youngins’…
      Note the bottle at bottom right.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I totally agree with you. I know from personal experience what it is like to breast-feed and there is no way that you can only feed at night at 6 weeks. It just goes to show how clueless she is.

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