What Nancy Reagan Thought Of Sarah Palin


Courtesy of People.com:

Longtime pal and TV news anchor Judy Woodruff recalls dishy meals with Nancy at one of the Beverly Hills restaurants she had enjoyed with her husband. “She loved to hear the latest stories about what was going on in Washington, in politics. And she never shied from expressing her own thoughts.”

Obviously not…

And the former first lady kept a close eye on the Republican party, dismayed by the direction it has taken in recent years.

“She remained as sharp as ever and was aware of just about everything going on in Washington and in politics, but always was interested in knowing more,” says Woodruff. “I’ll never forget the time we spoke in 2008 just after the Republican nominee for president, Senator John McCain, had chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. I spoke with Mrs. Reagan on the phone, and her first comment was, ‘What in the world was he thinking in picking that woman?‘ ”

King adds that Mrs. Reagan was not at all pleased with the current crop of Republican candidates.

sarah-boobs-new-york-pink (1)

Imagine that! I don’t think that Palin will be mentioning the Reagans anytime soon. That has got to hurt.

Also and too, Tina Fey never bothered to watch the spoof that Palin made about Fey and Thirty Rock. The link is at Huffington Post but my computer freezes when I go there.

Talk about being inconsequential.


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9 Responses to What Nancy Reagan Thought Of Sarah Palin

  1. lindak1961 says:

    McCain wasn’t thinking when he picked Quitter as his running mate – that’s the problem. As for Quitter not mentioning the Reagans, don’t count on it. She’s going to claim that Drumpf is the second coming of Reagan, or something equally stupid.

    • I don’t think we will ever know why he ever picked Palin – I think he was sold a bill of goods with her by Bill Kristol. Perhaps they saw her as someone who would put out for anyone in DC to get what she wanted.

  2. MistyDew says:

    Bless her heart! She knew her@ss wasn’t right to hold the title as VP! John McCain picking that woman is the cause for a lot of anxiety attacks!!

  3. ProfessorCanine says:

    I think this is from 2013…

    Sarah Palin ***SLAMS*** Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” Anti-Drug Campaign
    In a radio interview on Wednesday with conservative talker Laura Ingraham, Palin took dead aim at Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” initiative, which is all about getting children to “Just Say No”.
    Here is a portion of the transcript: “Take her anti-drug thing that she is on. She is on this kick, right. What she is telling us is she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, for their own families to deal with drug use.”
    “And I know I’m going to be again criticized for bringing this up, but instead of a government thinking that they need to take over and make decisions for us according to some politician or politician’s wife priorities, just leave us alone, get off our back and allow us as individuals to exercise our own God-given rights to make our own decisions and then our country gets back on the right track.”

    • Story about Nancy Reagan. Evidently at some point, she and Cindy McCain tangled – I don’t know the actual details, but it has been widely reported that Cindy told her husband she would never ever move to Washington, DC after the incident. Which turned out to not be an issue since Grandpy Walnuts lost anyway.
      It’s been reported that she has said Nancy Reagan was very nasty to her – and she refused to deal with her.
      And we all know how “fond” Cindy was of Sarah.

      • Scarsdale says:

        I read that Cindy was invited to a luncheon with the wives of the top repub. clan in DC. Seems lumpy little Johnnys first wife, Carol, was popular with this group. Someone thought it would be funny to have Cindy’s placetag at the table printed “Carol McCain”!! Also, too Carol’s hospital bills were paid by Reagan since Johhnny would not foot the bill. Nancy refused to speak to McCain after that fiasco. Carol was badly injured in a car crash when little Johhnny was a POW. She would not burden him with the details until he tgot back. He paid her back handsomely by cheating and dumping her for Cindy and her daddy’s $$$.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        I remember reading about that. Shameful behaviour on the part of McCain.

  4. Tumbleweed1 says:

    Nancy Reagan was batshit crazy. She was just better at hiding it.

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