David Brooks Thinks The GOP Ain’t Dead

Dead body in a mortuary

Dead body in a mortuary

David Brooks wrote a column in the NYTs today. He thinks it is not too late for the GOP to resurrect themselves. HA, HA, BLOODY HA. Brooks needs to read some international news to see how exactly the GOP are being perceived all over the world. Here is a hint – it ain’t good.

I loved this response to his column. It turns out, so did a lot of people.


Crete, IL From Boston, MA 3 hours ago

Mr. Brooks, the desperation in your column (and the panic in the headline over it) reveal the barren landscape that has defined your party for half a century. I feel sorry for you, and it’s not a smirking, self-satisfied pity at the smoking embers that Republicanism has become. America is strongest with a viable two-party system. But the rub is that Republicans want a one-party system: theirs. Jump from 1964 to 2008. Did any major Republican figure call Mitch McConnell and his legion of political assassins to heel after Barack Obama was first elected? Has a respected GOP figure gone public, urging the party to recognize “the will of the people” and, differences aside, seek common ground with the new president? Who among you grabbed the megaphone and shouted down Donald Trump’s birther nonsense? The litany of offenses against this president is too long to recount here, but the establishment’s silence, its refusal to defend President Obama in a show of genuine patriotism (the people’s choice, not a foreign usurper) enabled Trump and all the other nihilists, impostors all, to take root. Their rank weeds choked decency and civility. You’re surprised? Now your hopes lie in wild fantasies of a Cleveland convention that will miraculously discover an antidote to Trump that has poisoned your well. John Kasich is McConnell in sheep’s clothing. Trump is the menace you know. Cruz, now uncoiling in plain sight, frightens you more? Too bad. You knew he was evil long ago. And said nothing.

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5 Responses to David Brooks Thinks The GOP Ain’t Dead

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    ” …Donald Trump’s birther nonsense?”

    The ‘Girther’ Movement Is Demanding to See Trump’s ‘Shlong Form Girth Certificate’

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    🙂 He deserves every bit of ridicule one can shlong at him.

  3. sallyinmi says:

    This next six months is going to be awesome. I can hardly wait for Trump to face off in a real debate with Hillary or Bernie. And NOT on FOX. And NOT with Hugh Hewitt feeding his BFF snowballs. How about a foreign policy debate with Rachel Maddow? Yeah, Trump would turn tail and run from that one all right.

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