Back To Politics Tomorrow


Aloha mes Amigos.  😉  I am all better and feeling top of the morning today. Many, many thanks for all the well wishes. It was much appreciated.

It was a crazy week. We have had three sort of warm rooms for the last week or so and absolutely no hot water. My new best friend, Ray the plumber, came to install the new boiler on Thursday. I hadn’t been feeling great for the previous few days, but the minute he left, I descended into madness.

I had pains everywhere. I went to bed at 3.30pm that day and didn’t get up until the following morning. I didn’t sleep a wink. I had a searing pain in my ear lobes, a pain under my ribs, a headache, and even a pain in my big toe. I was delirious for most of the night.

Hubby arrived back from the US Friday morning and I did feel somewhat better. I managed to walk Ali and do some shopping but was pooped by 9 pm.

Added to this was the fact that three fairly important radiators were not heating up after the installation of our new boiler. I rang Ray. Did I tell you I love that guy? He gave me some great advice. Turn off some of the other rads and that will force the pressure through the ones that are cold. I did that, and it seemed to work, but then when I turned the other rads on, the other ones went cold.

He arrived at my door at 10.30 Saturday morning. I was sitting at the kitchen table drinking big mugs of hot tea, still in my daughter’s shocking pink dressing gown. Luckily, I had put on pajama bottoms the night before, because he could have been treated to a hairy spectacle. I call it winter insulation.

So, he took off the heads of the temperature control gadgets and told me to turn off the other radiators again. It seems to be fecking working. We are awash in heat and hot water.

So I made some Cranberry/Walnut bread and Banana/Walnut bread to celebrate.



Another crazy episode occurred later that night, as I turned the covers of my bed to find my duvet cover spotted with lots of blood. Oh feck I thought, I must have coughed up my guts. I got depressed and called time out, only to wake an hour later and realise that it was my actinic keratoses thingy on my collar bone doing the damage.

Then today, I was studiously avoiding my computer only to see two skype messages for me. When there are two messages I know one is from my son. I was aghast to read that my son, who is en route from some small island in Panama via Costa Rica, was calling to tell me he was stressed out and panicking in Costa Rica.  To cut a very long story short, he has just skyped me to tell me he has landed in LA. It was a big deal with immigration. Mucho relief.

The pic at the top is the Red Velvet cake I baked today. The sides got a bit burnt.

I could not have dealt with this on Thursday.



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6 Responses to Back To Politics Tomorrow

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    And IG bounces back!

  2. lindak1961 says:

    Glad that you are feeling better IG. The breads and the cake look yummy.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Big hugs. Love you. 💗

  4. KatieAnnieOakley says:

    Good grief. You have been through the ringer. HUGS!

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