What Ireland Sez


Courtesy of The Irish Times:

The billionaire showed his early state wins in the north-east (Iowa), the west (Nevada) and the south (South Carolina) were far from flukes and that his unconventional campaign can score victories anywhere.

On Super Tuesday, Trump won in Massachusetts in the north-east andAlabama in the Deep South, and, in between, in Virginia where many of the Washington politicians he loves to bash reside. On a Trump map of America, his colours spread further than anyone else’s.

What was once unthinkable for the Republican establishment is fast becoming thinkable: Trump the presidential nominee. The bombastic businessman has created an existential crisis for the Republican Party. Senior party figures such as Speaker of the House of the Representatives Paul Ryan and the 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney have come out strongly but perhaps too late to halt his march to November.

The Republican Party’s failure to take seriously the businessman as he started building a momentum – or to understand the anger of his supporters – may badly hurt the Grand Old Party in the long run.

Trump appeared to be pivoting his campaign towards moderates and a general election head-to-head against Hillary Clinton when he claimed to be a “unifier” once the Republican primary was over.

Asked whether he was approaching politics like business, adopting an extreme position at first before moderating as a final deal is negotiated, the businessman told reporters in front of a scared-looking Chris Christie: “There is always going to be some negotiation.”

Just how can his campaign go?

Don’t ask me!

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9 Responses to What Ireland Sez

  1. irishgirl999 says:

    A lovely guy in the class above me was drip fed into the priesthood. Pretty soon we started hearing rumours of him showing up for mass while inebriated. Parties and wimmen too.

    Thank gawd he left and settled with that gal and her child

  2. Moles says:

    What Oz sez if I may: The GOP created Trump. They created him the minute they decided their life’s work was going to be making Obama a one term President. They created him with every filibuster used to thwart his legislation. They created him by flooding the half terms with Palin’s tea bag candidates. They created him by totally ignoring the wishes of the people who put their bums on the seats they occupy and concentrating only on their own agendas, whatever the cost to the country.
    They created him, spawned him and now will probably be destroyed by him, and it serves them bloody well right.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Meanwhile at Paddy Powers –

    The bookies said: “Since 1988 the candidate to clean up on Super Tuesday has always gone onto win their party’s nomination.

    “Good news for our punters, if you backed The Donald, come and get your cash – we’re paying out. Bad news for the world, this sh*t just got real.”


  4. 40Watt says:

    Also too, just say “Irish” and I automatically do this. (I’ve been hypnotized)

  5. rj40 says:

    Iowa is Not in the North East it is in the Midwest and Cruz Not Trump won Iowa. Let’s get the facts right.

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