John Oliver Nails Donald Trump

It’s over twenty minutes long, but so worth it.

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12 Responses to John Oliver Nails Donald Trump

  1. titlewave says:

    How I wish the title of your post was real- literally 🙂

    Oliver is my favorite, even passing up Jon Stewart. He leaves nothing unsaid on a topic.

  2. 40Watt says:


  3. uberduck says:

    This really is 22 minutes of eye-opening fun, Oliver-style. Brew a cup, sit down, and have a good time!

  4. ProfessorCanine says:

  5. titlewave says:

    Just think, Howard Dean was taken out with a scream. We’ve come a long way, baby.

    • Moles says:

      Something I really don’t understand: Trump has a glass jaw when it comes to criticism. Why doesn’t somebody just keep picking away at him till he explodes?

      • ProfessorCanine says:

        And he tweets like a crackhead.
        IG needs to take him out with tweets!
        Taunt him relentlessly.

  6. PVAZ says:

    IG, over at politicalgates, ask HIG, Honesty in government to guide you in the intricacies of tweeting. HIG is very good at it.

  7. Pete says:

    OUCH!! The Donald totally got served!! I really enjoyed watching that video!! Thanks for the post!!

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