Antonin Scalia And His Ethical Violations

Orange County News - Aug 29, 2005

Antonin Scalia

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Antonin Scalia’s death during secret junket points to new ethical violations

This episode pulls back the curtain a bit on how big financial interests have been pulling the strings in the Supreme Court.

Poindexter confirmed to the Washington Post that Scalia was not going to pay for his stay at Cibolo Creek Ranch. “He was an invited guest, along with a friend, just like 35 others,” Poindexter said. According to media sources, Poindexter hosts gatherings two or three times a year.

Last year, James Hinga, a 76-year-old machinist for MIC Group, one of Poindexter’s companies, filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking review of a lower-court decision that summarily dismissed his claim that he was fired based on pretexts because of his age. Scalia participated in the October 5, 2015 decision denying review, thus ending the case in Poindexter’s favor. Scalia’s acceptance of gifts worth several thousands of dollars so soon after ruling in a party’s favor is a clear violation of judicial ethics.

Other significant ethical questions remain unanswered a full week later. Poindexter maintains that he did not pay for Scalia’s chartered jet. There is no indication yet whose pocket that money came from, but one can be assured that it did not come from Scalia’s own.

Similarly, it is not yet known whether Scalia’s companion, or any of the 35 other Cibolo Creek Ranch guests, similarly had matters pending before the Supreme Court, because none of these witnesses to the circumstances of Scalia’s death have been identified.

This silence itself suggests that Poindexter and the others may have something to hide. At minimum, given the central role Houston plays in the United States energy industry, it is likely that some of Poindexter’s guests benefited from the Supreme Court’s extraordinary five-to-four order the preceding Tuesday that halted implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan,” which would have shifted some energy production from fossil fuels to renewable sources such as wind and solar.

Go to the link above and read the entire article. There were some fecking shenanigans going on.

Gotta get brunch so will follow up later…

[H/T to ProfessorCanine]  You done good!

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8 Responses to Antonin Scalia And His Ethical Violations

  1. MistyDew says:

    Clarence Thomas and his wife is another one getting back hand deals!

  2. Linda says:

    Yea! and the Cruz’s and GOP want a purist, a pure crook!

  3. 40Watt says:

    A Supreme Court Judge earns $244,400 a year as of January 2014. Hardly enough to charter planes.

  4. lindak1961 says:

    A dishonest Con?!? Shocking!

  5. Scarsdale says:

    Fat Tony flew more than once on Air Force Two, when Dickless Cheney was VP. They were hunting buddies. I wonder if Cheney was there? He probably is STILL getting freebies because people got favors when he was in office.

  6. Pearl says:

    John Poindexter, the owner of that ranch where Scalia died seems to be a frequent guest at these hidden rendezvous. He’s a Texas multimillionaire industrialist, manufacturing many things such as, oil and gas industry supplies, as well as heavy equipment, service truck bodies, limousines, and funeral coaches (lol!). Of course, none of the wives are welcome at these secret soirees. They would most certainly get in the way of their nefarious planning and ruin their night time fun with the call girls. Being so close to the border at Shafter (lol!), Texas, I’m sure Poindexter ordered them up some Mexican lolitas….although I have a sneaking suspicion that Poindexter is a closeted gay as he never married or had a female significant other.

  7. ProfessorCanine says:

    West Texas,where men are men and sheep are scared…

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