Don’t Blow It Bill


Courtesy of TPM:

Now, I want to be clear that there are few better campaigners than Bill Clinton. And virtually anyone would want him speaking and campaigning on their behalf in a tight race. Look at the speech he gave on behalf of President Obama at the 2012 convention. But when I say ‘virtually’, Hillary Clinton may be one of the few who shouldn’t.

I didn’t follow the 2008 primaries closely but of course I heard that it got nasty. I hope this doesn’t go the same way. There is just no need for it. There are two excellent candidates for the Democratic party. Make your case and let the voters decide.


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12 Responses to Don’t Blow It Bill

  1. titlewave says:

    I really wish I loved one and hated the other- Oddly for me, it’s like having two friends fighting. I may see who is right or wrong on a topic, but it hurts! Although I’m fine when they argue/discuss like adults- as long as they don’t expect me to jump in and referee 🙂

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

    “But it’s also possible, and far more likely, that they may simply dislike her for lots of valid reasons: her coziness with Wall Street, her $675,000 in Goldman Sachs speaking fees, her vote in favor of the Iraq war, her collusion against women who accused her husband of sexual improprieties, and, just maybe, her inability to understand why Steinem and Albright’s remarks were offensive.
    And they may find in Sanders an idealistic, authentic politician who abhors the toxic influence corporations have on our political institutions and thinks college educations should be free.
    But they are certainly not flocking to Sanders because they want a date.
    They all have Tinder for that.”

    • sallyinmi says:

      I found that article to be a hit job. Seriously. Her speaking fees? Trump asks for three times that. How much of that money was then donated to the Foundation for use around the world? How many times does she have to admit that she regrets that vote? How many times does she have to defend her staying with her husband, instead of divorcing him and remarrying, as time has done how many times? That good old Christian conservative.
      Bernie HAS a superPAC. He takes money from it. He is not Mr. Squeaky Clean, no matter that he’s been in Congress three decades and you’ve never heard of him unless you watched the pre-RW MSNBC. What has he done? Seriously. What are his accomplishments? I am glad we have two progressive people running, but Hillary would be a great President. No one on either side has her experience,depth of knowledge, and leadership ability. No one.

  3. PVAZ says:

    I think Sanders will take NH, but it’ll be his first and last win. Just sayin’

    • lindak1961 says:

      I agree. Hillary has a big lead in both Nevada and SC, the next primaries, and she has leads in most, if not all the March 1 primary states.

  4. Tumbleweed1 says:

    I have always figured I would vote for Hillary. She has a mighty mountain of experience behind her.
    That counts for a lot in my book.

    But Bernie has been creeping up on my blind side the last few months. He makes some very salient points.
    I am now officially “undecided” between the two of them.
    I am waiting and watching.

  5. 40Watt says:

    What this headline reminds me of was Bill’s statement when Hillary lost a primary to Obama in a state that was won by Jesse Jackson in 1988. I believe it was South Carolina but I may be wrong. Anyway, Bill referenced the fact that Jackson had won and it sounded as though he was saying, yeah, the black guy can win here but it’s basically meaningless in the whole scheme of things. I wasn’t alone in this interpretation and it was, for me, definitely one of the moments when Bill blew it.

    • Moles says:

      There’s always the famous alleged remark Bill made to Ted Kennedy: “A few years ago, this guy (Obama) would be getting us coffee.”
      Kennedy was not amused.

  6. ProfessorCanine says:

    The names Jeffrey Epstein and Julie Tauber McMahon are gonna come up in relationship to Bill Clinton…

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