Daily Mail Reporting On November 4th Birth Date For Sailor Palin


I’m sorry, but the picture posted by Bristol on her Instagram account, does not show a six week old baby. That baby is much older than six weeks.

Apparently, The Daily Mail agrees:

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota is now being forced to take a paternity test as part of the former couple’s increasingly bitter custody battle over her new baby.

Court documents seen by Daily Mail Online reveal that Meyer’s bid for joint custody in a suit filed in Kentucky and Alaska has stalled pending the results of the paternity test. A question has also been raised over the actual birth date of Bristol’s baby.

The Instagram photo posted by Bristol announcing the birth of Sailor on December 24, places the birth date one day earlier. The date of birth on court papers filed in the custody case is also given as December 23.

But the same Instagram picture posted by Dakota with the caption ‘Best Christmas present ever!!’ reveals a detail whited out in Palin’s account – the date scribbled on her IV line.

There, in black and white, is a date that appears to read November 4 – placing the birth almost two months before Bristol claimed.

I wrote about this at the time. Remember, Bristol quickly put up a new photo – minus the baby, and then just as quickly took it down. The IV tapes were in no way similar.



That fraudulent new photo was the giveaway – and the reason it was taken down so quickly.

I’m glad to see the Daily Mail reporting this. Not that I think much of them either.


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11 Responses to Daily Mail Reporting On November 4th Birth Date For Sailor Palin

  1. PalinsHoax says:

    I have to say, Bri$$ie’s profile shows the oddest nose – a most unattractive masculine shape. And her eyebrow looks like it is a unibrow, running straight across that Napoleon nose. NOT a good look.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      There was a comment over at IM that Bristol had photoshopped her nose. It must have been bad because this is not an improvement. Her nose is literally growing out of her forehead.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    I doubt that Dakota is the one being forced, he probably demanded a paternity test. it’s Bristol being forced to accept the results of said test.

  3. Mellie Mel says:

    Is that a booger or a bad photoshop?

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Bristol Palin’s newest baby daddy is one smart cookie, because he just beat her to the punch by telling the family law judge exactly how much he can afford in the child support department.
      Dakota Meyer — the father of Bristol’s 2-month-old daughter Sailor — claims in new legal docs he makes $100,000 a year working construction, and gets another $37k in disability from the Marine Corp.
      Under Alaska law, Dakota’s income would entitle Bristol to $1,754 a month in child support.

  4. Scarsdale says:

    Her chin looks smaller also, too. Did she have THAT photoshopped? Now we know why the baby was always covered from the neck down, so much baby there. Too big to be only weeks old. When will the “lame stream media” tell the whole truth about this griftiing bunch of gypsies? I read that Bristles is being paid for product placement, like the baby moccasins, blankets etc. Sort of glorifying unwed motherhood.

    • ProfessorCanine says:

      “… Bristles is being paid for product placement, like the baby moccasins, blankets etc. Sort of glorifying unwed motherhood.”

    • titlewave says:

      “In fact, in the past, the KUWTK star reportedly received around $10,000 per promoted social media post.” (I had to look up KUWTK 😦 )

      It looks like they all do it, what a biz!

    • XH says:

      I doubt that Barstool is getting paid for any of her social media pix or for “product placement.” I think she’s TRYING to get paid and is showing her (potential) wares to the endorsement industry. I also think she’s trying desperately to get a reality show, a book, or SOME kind of sponsorship. But you know what? Her market value is close to zero and she won’t get any bites.

      P. S. The pre-surgery photo TMZ used for their article is a riot, especially since they have many recent pix they could have used. Barstool is going to be incredibly pissed about that. 🙂

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