Governor Snyder Wasn’t Even Elected To Poison Flint


One lead pipe at a time.

It appears that Rick Snyder (what a name to inspire confidence) has been poisoning the inhabitants of Flint, MI.

Why? Probably to privatize the water system and thus  enrich his buddies. I will try and find links tomorrow but it is late here in the Emerald Isle.

Anyway, I wondered to myself, because the name sounded familiar, whether this geezer was yet another Republican governor, that had somehow defied the odds and got voted in against all expectations.

So, I asked Richard Charnin who appears to know his stuff on elections and exit polls and he pointed me in this direction.

I am actually useless when it comes to numbers and voting. I don’t really understand what is going on, but I would hazard a guess that the residents of Michigan did not vote for this man.

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8 Responses to Governor Snyder Wasn’t Even Elected To Poison Flint

  1. PVAZ says:

    He poisoned Gateway Computer too.

  2. Interesting – there was talk of election fraud, based on down-poll and exit interviews in Kentucky, too…

  3. Did Snyder steal the election? Let’s look at four models which indicate that he did:
    1) True Vote (TVM), 2-Cumulative Votes (CVS), Voter Turnout (VTM), 4) Uncounted Votes (UVM)

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