Tina Fey Parodies Sarah Palin’s Iowa Act And Palin’s Rise And Fall Chronicled By Julia O’Malley

Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did.


Julia O’Malley has written a piece about the rise and fall of Palin in The Guardian. I think it is so obvious that she never knew the real Palin. She was completely taken in by her. O’Malley is the journalist from the ADN who wrote Make. It. Stop. about Palin’s faked pregnancy.

There was a time when Sarah Palin was normal by Alaska standards. Way back before the hoopla, and way before she endorsed Donald Trump, she made sense as a politician here. That’s not the case any more. I’m told she lives in Alaska most of the time, but she’s invisible in public life.

But back in the day, I liked her – and so did many in my community. I’m not conservative, but she grew on me when I worked as a reporter in Anchorage in the mid-2000s, and the reason had nothing to do with politics. She was a kind of regular person I recognized as of this place. Tough, funny, pragmatic. She loved Alaska like I did. If you didn’t know her then, it’s hard to explain or believe.

She totally fell for this. I just cannot imagine Track planting water bottles for her.

It’s hard to keep track of what happened next. The internet Sarah-ploded. There was Fox News, reality television, the book, the steady stream of social-media snits, the house in Arizona, a family run-in with the cops and Bristol’s baby-mama drama.

When I read the news story recently about Track Palin assaulting his girlfriend and threatening to kill himself, I remembered this sweet interview with Palin years ago in a running magazine. It was about Track as a teen, planting water bottles for his mother on her training route. Politics is a messed-up prism, and he didn’t ask to have his life examined through it. Could she have known how hard this would be on her children?

Then the fall…

These days, you can’t find people here who have something nice to say about her last decade in politics. Nobody wants to talk about Palin.

There is speculation from time to time about her running for state office, but chances seem remote. Dermot Cole, a columnist at the Alaska Dispatch News, told me Alaskans don’t take her seriously.

“She has long since become part of the entertainment business, which is what she has in common with Trump,” he wrote in an email.

Dave Stieren, a conservative radio personality in Anchorage, told me Palin’s story is full of irony.

“Even though she doesn’t know who Shakespeare is, she’s a figure out of Shakespearean tragedy,” he said. “She’s a person of exceptional means with no place to really call home.”

On occasion someone I know sees her in a yoga class or in the stands at a hockey game. Once, a friend encountered her really early in the morning, with no makeup, in Wasilla Walmart. She looked tired, almost ghostly, the friend said.

Who knows why Palin was up that early, but I imagine it was to shop in peace in her home town. Just like the regular Alaskan she used to be.

I’m glad to hear she is shunned in her own state. O’Malley appears to feel sorry for Palin. I don’t.


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7 Responses to Tina Fey Parodies Sarah Palin’s Iowa Act And Palin’s Rise And Fall Chronicled By Julia O’Malley

  1. lindak1961 says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her either, IG. She may not have had any idea what being thrust in the national spotlight would do to her children, but now that she does know, she doesn’t care. I doubt that she ever cared, it’s all been about her. As for her shopping so early in the morning, maybe it’s more because she can’t sleep, than wanting to be a regular Alaskan again. She loves the spotlight, more than she loves peace or anything else.

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

    “It has, in that way, been a week of classic Palin: Big speeches about dark things and fears, delivered in the form of cheery aphorisms studded with malapropisms, and a public relations-driven effort to try to move past or distract from a family crisis.”


  3. irishgirl999 says:

    Maureen Dowd on Palin.

    Ordinarily, it’s considered sexist to call a woman shrill. But Palin liberated us on that score. She really is shrill.

    Ordinarily, it’s dicey to focus on what a woman in politics is wearing. But again, Palin has freed us up. She sported a cardigan so gaudy and rogue at her Iowa endorsement of Donald Trump (the man who viciously mocked her former running mate’s war record) that we would be remiss not to mention that it was the sartorial reflection of Palin and Trump themselves.

    Ordinarily, you have to tread gingerly in critiquing a working woman on her mothering skills. But Palin’s brawling brood runs so wild around the state she once governed, in a way that is so contrary to her evangelistic, sanctimonious homilies on family values, that it seems only Christian to advise her to study the Obamas to see what exceptional parenting looks like.

    With Palin and Trump, a failed reality star and a successful one, gall is divided into two parts. There has been a lot of talk this campaign season about how women pols bring superior qualities to the table: collegiality and listening skills. But Sarahcuda shows that we are truly the equals of men, capable of narcissistic explosions, brazen hypocrisy and unapologetic greed. She had barely finished the endorsement Tuesday when she began using it to raise money for SarahPAC, so she can take her show on the road.

    Her oldest son, Track, was a kid with a temper before he served in Iraq for a year, conveniently shipping off in the fall of 2008 as his mother began her hockey-mom spiel. The 26-year-old was arrested Monday on an assault charge, accused of punching his girlfriend in the face and kicking her during an alcohol-fueled argument at the Palins’ home in Wasilla, Alaska. His girlfriend told the police that he was also waving around an AR-15 assault rifle.

    Instead of just admitting that her family is a mess, Palin exhibited Trump-like swagger, conjuring a story in an attempt to gin up the crowd and occlude her son’s behavior.

    She used the last refuge of scoundrels in Tulsa, Okla., Wednesday, wrapping herself in patriotism. In her convoluted, disingenuous way, she charged President Obama with a lack of “respect” for veterans and suggested that Track had post-traumatic stress disorder and became “hardened,” implying this is what led to the incident prompting his arrest. This from the archconservative who presents herself as a model of personal responsibility and scourge of victimhood?

    Outraged vets urged Palin not to reduce PTSD to a political “chew toy,” as one put it, or to excuse domestic violence by citing the disorder.


  4. betsy s says:

    i think it’s a nice time to reopen the Wild Ride Scenario. We could get her now. “The greatest fraud perpetrated on the American public ever.”

  5. Pete says:

    Julia O’Malley is an idiot!! She’s still sniffing Palin’s panties!

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