Queen Esther Had No Clothes

When I first saw this self-satisfied, smug grin back in 2008, the hairs on the back of my neck (and all over my body) stood up.


The woman without a philtrum and a nasty ,thin, tattooed, upper lip made my skin crawl.

When she opened that horrid mouth at the RNC convention, I knew my visceral reaction to her was spot on.


At the time I paid scant attention to American politics or parties. I had done a photographic project on the Patriot Act and the ramifications of 9/11, but that was as far as it went. I was looking at the Act and not the parties. I don’t know how I managed to do that…

So at the end of August, 2008 on returning from a holiday in France (fecking, socialist Europeans), I discovered upon googling the news, that Queen Esther had been tapped as McCain’s running mate. Upon further googling, I realised that they were Republicans, and the good guys were Democrats. Then I discovered Mudflats…

I realised fairly quickly, that not only was Queen Esther bereft of clothes, she didn’t even have clean underwear.

I was fecking appalled to think that the American electorate could vote for this vicious, vacuous idiot. Thankfully, they did not. But this imbecile still had a hold on the political discourse, thanks largely to a cowering US media that relies on clicks rather than news. I can still remember them chasing after her on her infamous “Paul Revere” bus tour. I was sickened. Ireland has its problems, but reporting of the news is not one of them. We do actually get the news! Not someone’s opinion.

Fast forward on to the “North Star’s” more recent antics. Little by little, her clothing is being peeled away. It has taken years but she has managed to shed a lot of followers.

Remember that crazy, drunken speech in Iowa, where the seniors were looking around in confusion.

Remember that incident where Trig stood on Jill Hadassah’s back. Google Hadassah and you will understand the narcisissm  that led the Queen of The Northwoods to give that name to the dog. She lost a lot of dog lovers there.

Remember, the Palin family brawl. (Oh yeah, we all do that).

Now she is dissing a MOH winner (I am not a fan) but I love what he is doing.



This is the real Queen Esther. An insecure, vapid, ugly duck.

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23 Responses to Queen Esther Had No Clothes

  1. AnnetteK says:

    Good one Irishgirl, we had a very similar pathway to where we are now 🙂

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    I know. I still remember your bruvver in NYC and the phone call.

  3. 40Watt says:

    The interesting thing, to me anyway, is the nature of that visceral reaction. Before we had any knowledge of the woman, her mere presence exposed her for what she is. I met an Italian guy, whose English was sketchy, yet he said, I knew the minute I saw her, that woman is dangerous.

    Others found the same twisted energy attractive. There’s something here that illustrates the phenomenon whereby people follow insane cult leaders.

    • comeonpeople says:

      I had a creepy visceral reaction as well. She gave me the creeps and I knew she was lying and a very sick woman.

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    “Others found the same twisted energy attractive.”

    I really don’t understand that.

    • lindak1961 says:

      Me either. My younger brother thought she was very attractive when he first saw her on TV when McCain introduced her as his running mate. That impression was wiped away when she gave that hateful speech at the RNC. She didn’t write that speech, but she delivered it like she owned it. He wasn’t fooled, and neither was I, but the American media was, much to my disgust.

      DM has his faults (don’t we all?) but he is a MOH winner, seems to have a pretty smart lawyer, and seems to have enough patience and intelligence himself to outsmart the Palins.

  5. lindak1961 says:

    Daffy Duck has a message for Quitter:

  6. Moles says:

    I remember watching her RNC speech, my first sighting of her. I said “Mad as a screech owl.” My husband, older and much wiser said “Very dangerous woman.”

  7. Scorpie says:

    It’s good to know that I was not the only one that who felt that way about her. Couldn’t my finger on it but I knew that there was something wrong with her. Then I hit the “googles” and started reading all the blogs I could find. The Woman scared me to death.

  8. RJ40 says:

    I too watched that RNC speech and thought this is a dangerous and vicious woman.

  9. Not to mention the visceral older adult white male reaction to Ms SP …. that’s just disturbing at so many levels.

  10. follow_the_news says:

    I was flabbergasted when McCain picked her. I googled her immediately (Jul-Aug ’08) and commented on all Palin news articles on ADN. Eventually I got banned for excoriating Palin and her tribe over their pettyness/spitefulness/lust for revenge/Sarah’s chorus of acolytes/her Quiverfull views and attitude of predestination. Especially enlightening was her blessing by Pastor Thomas Muthee, who evidently missed a few demons. Sarah’s ugliness inside and out is TRULY reflected the last photo in your post.

    I am enjoying seeing this vapid woman destroyed, oh yes indeed! It’s been a long time coming. How someone this stupid got so far bewilders me. I hope it doesn’t happen again, but then there was Bush before…


    • Love ‘bewilder!’ It seems to have fallen out of my vocabulary for what reason I don’t know. Confused or perplexed have been my go to verbs for all of this, but bewildered is much more definitive and encompassing of my feelings. Thanks for bringing it back to mind. Have to admit that I’ve also ramped up into some dumbfoundedness at times, also too.

  11. Scarsdale says:

    Note how she is giving the finger to the photographer. So subtle, our $carah. I am very upset with Steve Schmidt and Nichole Wallace, who saw up close and personal how dangerous and stupid she is, yet kept quiet. John McCain outdid hmself in the stupid department, picking her as his VP. Nancy French, who writes Bristle’s blog must be desperate for work to depend on the PayMe family for a paycheck. I can not wait to see the entire grifting clan brought down, all it will take is for the TRUTH to come out.

    • wiscowoman says:

      I remember nicole going on all the news shows talking up how much more qualified sarah was over our president all the while knowing deep down inside sarah was dangerous and quite possibly mentally ill.
      From day one I had sarah’s number and have continued being both fasinated and disgusted by her ability to grift millions for her personal use.
      Although her take down has been longer than I hoped it is still satisfying to watch.
      Both sarah and bristol’s inability to keep their mouths shut will help dakota in this very public fight.

    • Pete says:

      McCain hired Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace to help him run his Presidential campaign. Their job was to get McCain elected to the oval office, McCain selected Palin as his running mate so it was their job to keep quiet about Palin and make her look good to the general public. They were just doing their jobs.

      After the election both Steve and Nicole spoke out about Sarah Palin. McCain asked his campaign staff not to talk about Sarah’s memoirs after it was published, however since they were no longer on the payroll both Schmidt and Wallace decided not to sit back and take her crap. They did several interviews, what it was like working with her on the campaign and how they felt once they realized just how unprepared she was for the position. I’m not sure how you or anyone could possibly be upset with them now. They came clean and I’m sure it wasn’t easy for them. Many Republicans were upset with them for being disloyal, they were bad mouthed on Fox News and talk radio. But they did the right thing in the end. That’s what matters.

      • wiscowoman says:

        Pete- I was surprised that they both came out so strongly against $arah after the election and their comments told us we were right all along that $arah was in no way qualified for the VP spot.
        I’m disappointed that instead of resigning their positions and coming out prior to the election to warn the electorate of how dangerous voting for the GOP ticket was they kept their misgivings to themselves when it mattered most.
        Brave of them to do what they did but I suspect most people would have respected them more if they had warned the country when it actually mattered instead of continuing to sell the meme of how very qualified $arah was.
        Remember Country First?

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