Bristol Palin Shows Us Haters

Oh  lookie at the the pic that Bristol has posted and subsequently deleted from her Instagram account showing the real “date” on the IV dressing.


The caption that accompanied this post read…

For all the people saying I gave birth 11/4/15…………. here is my IV that was started on 12/22/15 when I was admitted, my baby girl was born 12/23/15 ����stop trying to create controversy where none exists, desperation is the ugliest thing

You see Bristol just knew there was going to be a controversy about the date, so she had the foresight to get someone to take a close-up photograph!

And doesn’t Bristol look pleased to be back in hospital again with Sarah and Piper.   😉

And how wonderful that we can now read the date and the numbers under the date that have magically appeared!

date copy 4

Also and too Bristol – thanks for confirming that it was a date and not a time. Fool.

Let’s just take a quick look at the two tapes and compare them.


You see the writing on the tape goes all of the way to the top in Dakota’s photograph which is on the right. The new date on the left does not.  🙂

The retards from Wasilla flipped the newly-taken pic where Bristle’s is looking a trifle duck-faced, Sarah is smiling broadly and Piper is acting the eedjit. Exactly the scenario you would expect with someone in labour.

iv2 copy

sailor original

They forgot to flip the wristbands though. Details…those pesky things.

Dakota Meyer has now deleted his FB post about the little Christmas blessing with the incriminating photograph.

And the Palins have been off shooting guns and whatnot and leaving poor little Sailor Grace Palin all on her lonesome.



What an amazing family. Of course this is a big F-you to the haters.


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28 Responses to Bristol Palin Shows Us Haters

  1. Pearl says:

    Look how Palin’s holding that gun. She’s going to Cheney someone!

  2. ProfessorCanine says:

  3. Scarsdale says:

    Maybe they are auditioning for ANOTHER reality show? Surely after every one of their shows were major FLOPS, nobody wants to lose money on these liars again?

  4. 40Watt says:

    “And how wonderful that we can now read the date and the numbers under the date that have magically appeared!”

    You have to sprinkle them with fairy dust to make them them appear. It’s a HIPAA mandate in order to protect patients with something to hide.

  5. Haha … what a bunch of maroons. So if not nursing, your life is just freed up to return to. I nursed but do recall that there was some pain involved when it was time to stop. At only a week after birth I’d think Bristol would be having some pain in her chest. Pretty dang sad is about all I can say.

  6. stillregina says:

    The tape with the new date is longer and pointier on the right side. It isn’t the same tape at all… 😉

  7. What is more interesting is that they literally freaked out with the speculation the baby was born earlier to the extent that they manufactured this “selfie” to “prove” the date. Why go to all this trouble? Because the speculation really got to them. $arah has played games with baby dates many times before – but like a true Palin, she always screws up and she got caught this time.

  8. PGFan says:

    It’s changed arms too! The original is on her left arm, the new IV is on her left!

  9. Psminidiva says:

    Also, too, compare the piss-poor pistol shooting (with the target 6 feet away and Brissy’s hand bouncing every time she shoots) to real PENNSYLVANIA shooting instruction. Y”mean those wild second amendment loving Alaskan gals, after PROFESSIONAL shooting instruction (with certificates and everything), can’t shoot as straight or as accurately as Dublin’s own Annie Oakley??? When Dublin Annie only had 10 minutes of Bob from Tyrone instruction? THAT, my friends, is the real scandal!!!!

  10. lindak1961 says:

    Couldn’t leave a comment on the next post, so leaving it here – Holy Mackerel! About DM, that is, and I hope he has a great lawyer.

  11. Pearl says:

    Looks like a DNA test will be coming up soon for Sailor Grace! Dakota didn’t waste anytime filing. First thing monday morning…

  12. Pete says:

    Loved your most recent post, I couldn’t comment though so I’m posting here…like I said before, this whole custody thing is all part of Sarah’s plan. Now we know why it was so important for Palin to have that big family unity BBQ last May. That was when she convinced Dakota to pretend he was the father of the baby even though he wasn’t.

    His “child support” payments will be the hush money that Sarah promised him for holding up his end of the deal and pretending to be the baby dady. There won’t be any DNA test, they are just going to say the baby is his and Bristol will have full custody of the baby. All the logistics will be worked out behind closed doors the info will be sealed so no one will ever find out they are just doing this for show!!! Dakota will stay in Kentucky and never have to worry about spending time with the baby. He’ll collect his checks and everyone will be happy! Bristol won’t look like a big old slut who was whoring around, Granny can save face, and Dakota gets a bunch of money!!!

    • lindak1961 says:

      If Bristol gets full custody, then Dakota, or whoever the acknowledged father is, should pay child support to her. If child support is hush money to Dakota, then he would have to have at least joint custody.If this is all planned by Quitter to make Bristol not look so slutty, she’s even more of an idiot than I thought.

      • Pete says:

        Bristol will raise the child in Alaska by herself, Dakota gets the “child support” i.e. hush money, he’ll be living far far away in Kentucky. They can award him joint custody but it won’t matter because he won’t be around. He’s playing the role of the daddy, the baby isn’t really his. He just wants to collect the money Sarah Palin promised him for playing his part in this charade. I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of expressing my thoughts on this sorry!

        I think this was definitely Quitters plan, she only has to convince her flock of fantards that Bristol isn’t a big old slut, and fortunately for Quitter her sheep are all even more idiotic than she is!! They will believe anything Sister Sarah says so Bristol will remain the same hard working Christian pathos blogger.

        Enjoy the show, this “fake” custody crap has gotten all the attention in the mainstream media, ET and TMZ aren’t even interested in the important stuff, like the fact that Sailor wasn’t born on Dec 23rd. They are only reporting on the info they get from the quitter. She loves using TMZ and ET to get her story out! She’s got them on speed dial!! I’m sure TMZ learned about the court filing after some “anonymous source”(a Palin) tipped them off!

  13. Scarsdale says:

    Trying to make Bristles “not look so slutty”? The ship sailed on THAT long ago, like 3 pregnancies ago. Duhkota should reveal the entire truth, his reputation is being besmitched here, all for a two bit whore like Bristles? I hope $carah had her spayed this time, 4 kids are enough for a 25 year old bar fly. What a come down it will be for the DNA test to prove he is NOT the father. Maybe that is the entire goal of his lawyers, prove he is NOT the father, make this whole ordeal of insinuating that he is go away.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I have a feeling that is the reason behind all of this.

      • Pete says:

        That’s a good theory but I still think Dakota is in cahoots with the Quitter, they made a deal at the BBQ and he’s not interested in crossing the Quitter, he’s got a thing for her. He knew he’d be seen as a dead beat dad, but he’ll probably collect several hundred thousand so it will all be worth it in the end. LOL! He’s already made his MOH money, it’s not like he’s collecting a hefty paycheck as a successful public speaker, he’s a red neck from Kentucky. That money well has been taped out already! lol!

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