More Palin Pregnancy Mysteries

Something has been bothering me about this whole Bristol Palin pregnancy scam. I decided to look at the pic that Palin posted of all her girls on FB, which just looked so odd as to be unbelievable.

10556420_10153839533833588_5453499718742868452_n copy

Here are a few observations.

  • Bristol’s left knee is missing. I know she may have it folded behind her, but no one has a knee that small.
  • Sarah has this red thing on her lap which may be meant to insinuate that she is knitting for the little babby, but upon examination, it has clearly been photoshopped into the pic.
  • Piper’s jeans are emanating a very weird blue glow.
  • There is a red object between Piper and Willow that does not seem to belong there. Also, Piper has a very weird lump on her chest. (Forgot the arrow).
  • Sarah’s hair is a mess. 🙂
  • Willow is missing a leg.
  • Bristol, Sarah and Piper all have red eye in the pic. Common with flash photography
  • Willow doesn’t.
  • The baby Willow is holding is moving her hands. There is a blur. This should not happen with flash photography. Willow doesn’t have red eye which leads me to believe that Willow and baby were inserted into that pic. A flash wasn’t used for their pic.
  • Who looks post partum amongst those women?


We have seen Bristol Palin beautifully coiffed and made up after supposedly giving birth. We do not see the baby’s face.

sailor original

Then we see a picture of the baby sent out to the world by Dakota Meyer.

Dakota Meyer - facebook Sailor Grace

Where did Dakota get that picture? Why isn’t he saying anything? Much. Why isn’t Bristol included?

Was a deal struck way back then to protect another pregnant daughter?

Maybe I am mad!



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35 Responses to More Palin Pregnancy Mysteries

  1. Pearl says:

    That pic bugs me too. Something is off. What is up with that calendar pillow behind Mama Gristle’s head? It appears to be levitating. I hope it’s a portal that’s sucks them away to some other universe.

  2. detroitsam says:

    Don’t forget the Nov. 4th, 15 date on the IV label.

  3. 40Watt says:

    Do you suppose Bristol had the baby in New Orleans?

  4. Tumbleweed1 says:

    Here’s my take…..

    Bristol went to Vegas. A great time was had by all.
    Pics and videos were taken.
    She hooked up with Dakota later.
    Just when the nuptials were about to take place……the Fun Guy from Vegas made his presence
    A) Either to Dakota
    or B) To Bristol and Sarah.
    Bad news either way.
    That’s why Sarah has to sell the Arizona house. Pay off.
    Hey. I figure it hangs together just as well as all the other conspiracy theories out there.

    I don’t really give a shit about Bristol and her babies though.

    I only care about why we all came together here in the first place – Trig.

  5. PVAZ says:

    What is that lettering off of Bristol’s left shld

  6. Tumbleweed1 says:

    Jesse has a new post up. Bristol denying all Re: the date on the IV.

    I guess I am the only one that doesn’t think it matters.
    When we get back to talking about Sarah faking Trig’s birth……THAT matters.
    Guess I’m bored with it all.
    Sorry, IG. 😦

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Baby steps, TW. If they faked the dates here, then it is more believable that they could also have pulled a fast one with Trig. Patience.

      • I don’t think they pulled a fast one with Trig. I believe Trig is Bristol’s first born. Then Tripp – then her first girl Tristan and now Sailer because she loves semen.
        Go read the “msg” from the cousin that I just put on PoG – she posted on IM – I have no idea if she’s right but I do agree with her comment that Bristol has 4 kids – and she believes Junker is Sailer’s father…which makes sense to me too.

      • irishgirl999 says:

        I don’t think they pulled a fast one with Trig. I believe Trig is Bristol’s first born.

        That is exactly what I meant.

  7. PVAZ says:

    take a look at IM’s last post. Bristol really messed up. Sarah photo shopped into pic

    They is running scared

  8. PVAZ says:

    Admitting ID bands on wrong arm, IV on wrong arm

  9. 40Watt says:


    • Tumbleweed1 says:

      40 Watt, the date this baby girl (black/white/whatever/who cares!) in my opinion…….doesn’t matter.
      11/4/15 or 12/23/15….Really, what difference does it make?
      I just can’t give a shit.

      Now that Miracle Baby Trig, THAT one is the one that makes the difference.
      Can we get back to that baby? He’s the one that counts.

      • Pearl says:

        It’s all part of the tangled web of lies of the Palin Dynasty. Hard to get back to Trig because we beat every detail of that horse story into the ground many times over. Hopefully one day someone involved will the cover-up will step forward with some definitive proof. Until then unfortunately there’s nothing more we can add. Now if someone could come up with Trig’s birth certificate….

      • ProfessorCanine says:

        “Now if someone could come up with Trig’s birth certificate….”
        The Holy Grail!
        We should start a PayPal/Kickstarter/GoFund thingee with a hefty reward.
        Could be someone’s ticket outta Wasilla…

      • Pearl says:

        I’ll donate! I bet we could come up with a wad of cash, pronto!

    • Wow! Not even sure what to say. What her black bra suggests to me is she might have had a water birth . . however it doesn’t seem that the blow up of the iv is one of the pic on the left – – different fabric, unless they make fluffy hospital gowns these days. It all seems just way too odd and too much. IG – you’re not mad, you’ve just been Palinated.

      • Scarsdale says:

        In the latest baby post on Immoral Minority, a cousin of Bristles is opening up! She said her mother does not care what she says, they are ALL sick of the PayMe family and the lies. The baby was at the Thanksgiving “do” at the PayMe house. Also, too, Bristles has a filthy mouth on her. According to the cousin, she has been stalking Sunny Johnson. Willow told her to stop, and while holding the new baby, the very Christian Bristles screamed “Bite my c*nt” The cousin also told that Tripp is a foul mouthed little brat. Very interesting. I hope none of the tabloids or magazines paid for these fake photos. However will Nancy French, her mouthpiece, clean THIS mess up?

      • Pearl says:

        Link please! I want read about the cousin!

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Here is what she said…

        “Anonymous5:52 PM
        Anon@1:40 yep, it would be really easy to scan. And then it would be really easy for my aunt to flip her shit again. She already lost it because I told info about Bristol’s baby being at thanksgiving and said what she would be wearing in photos that weren’t supposed to even have occurred yet…..but really I don’t even care about that. As I have said on here, Bristol and my aunt piss me off and I have kinda enjoyed slapping their dicks by posting here. The truth is I heard that someone can get your exact location based on a photo you upload or email or text. Some of my aunt’s ass lickers are straight up crazy. I would be scared to do it only for that reason.

        There is something else, the baby was not originally called sailor. Nevaeh was the original name. Dunno when or why it was changed.

        And I’ll say again for fucks sake!!!! Stop saying Bristol has “at least 6 kids”. Isn’t it whorey enough that she has 4 by 4 different dudes? She has Trig, who has a full time nanny on the weekends and Tripp who curses and is violent as shit because he’s always trying to get Bristol’s attention, and Tristan who is just a quiet lil girl and now Sailor who is a good and calm baby who deserves better than a mom who is surgically attached to her i phone.

        That is all. No “Disney land baby”. No “twin of trig”. 4 kids, 4 men. (Dylan, Levi, Gino, and ??? but I think Joey now that I have seen the baby after she looks more normal and not so squashed from being born)

        And if anyone comments claiming to be me, saying that I made this up or I’m showing you how easy it is to “sell bull shit”, I will borrow some words from my cousin and say FUCK OFF. I have not nor will ever backtrack on anything I have said. I told you the baby was 3 wks old @ thanksgiving and it’s true. I told you Bristol was bottle feeding and you can see from photos it’s true. I told you before any photo was released, what the baby would be wearing in one of the photos and it’s true. I told you Dakota has an arrangement to not deny but not confirm and his statements have showed that is true. I have proven myself to be genuine and trustworthy and the treatment I have gotten by trolls claiming to be me and backtracking over everything I say is a very good indicator of why more family members do not speak up even though they want to.

        Gryphen I know for sure my aunt did not graduate college and Bristol’s diploma was literally bought and paid for. Can you do some kind of thing on that? I want to puke every time my aunt mentions her “degree” or when I see Bristol’s diploma hanging at the lake house.

        You guys are hypocritical bitches auntie & B…..and it’s no use running to my mommy and trying to bully her into taking my phone away. She already said she could care less what I say here and it’s about time you two had some of your words and deeds bite you in the ass.

        Better not lose your temper again while holding the baby, Bristol……wouldn’t it be ashame for someone to get you on video screaming “bite my cunt” into your phone while holding your new child support check I mean baby, when you’re pissed because your sister is telling you not to stalk Levi’s wife on social media. Yes that would be ashame! ;p”

      • Pearl says:

        Thanks for pasting that in Irish! Holy Cow! Maybe I should take a trip up to Wasilla and look for that cousin.

    • ProfessorCanine says:

      Bristol just looks so “put together” in that pic.
      And I ain’t no doctor/nurse,but why would an IV drip be in place the day before the birth?
      If there were complications expected,she sure looks spiffy…
      I dunno.
      Thanks for posting the picture.

      • Pearl says:

        I agree 100%. No one I’ve ever known looked all dolled up while in labor. She looks like women on TV shows that give birth and still have perfect hair and make-up.

      • ProfessorCanine says:

        “She looks like women on TV shows that give birth and still have perfect hair and make-up.”

    • irishgirl999 says:

      It’s all gone, 40. 🙂

  10. Pearl says:

    Ha-ha! lmbo!

  11. Pearl says:

    Looks like another photoshop btw.

  12. Pete says:

    You’re not mad, Irishgirl!! There is definitely something shady going on with Bristol’s latest childbirth. Personally I think Sarah has convinced Dakota to go along with it, regardless of whether or not he is the father. He probably has more to gain in the long run, they may have made a monetary arrangement and it’s not really going to hurt him either way since most people have already assumed he’s the father anyway.

    Bottom line I don’t believe for a second that he’s the real father. The baby looks more like Joey Junker than Dakota. And who goes into the hospital to delivery their baby with their hair perfectly coiffed wearing full make up!!? No one!! If you’re going into labor the last thing you’re thinking about being photo perfect. Bristol looks like she’s “ready for her fucking close up!!”

    And she posted a really weird photo a few days ago of Tripp with a sleeping Sailor, however the baby in the photo looks a hell of a lot bigger than the baby from the hospital photos. In that photo Sailor looks more like a one month old baby than a one week old baby, as she’s sleeping on a blanket with Tripp posing behind her. Nothing seems to add up with this at all!!

    Happy New Year!!!

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Happy New Year to you too Pete. I agree with everything you say! Meyer is in on this scam.

    • Scarsdale says:

      According to the cousin that black and white photo with Tripp is the DWTS baby! Tripp does look young there. The cousin has babysat all the babies, all 4 of them. Trig, Tripp, Tristan (DWTS) and now the new one.

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