Is Sarah Palin Broke?


Her Arizona home is up for sale! 

sweet jesus

I hope they are taking the furniture with them. It is not as dreadful as I feared, but it is not in any way classy. In fact, it is fecking

Multi-coloured basketball court. Sarah dear…you needto tone down the colours and maybe put some shrubbery to the side of it so you don’t blind the inhabitants. Too late now though.

No wonder she has been on a media blitz trying to sell her damn devotional. She is broke and desperate!!! And it has been showing.


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48 Responses to Is Sarah Palin Broke?

  1. ProfessorCanine says:

    Here she is back in the day on the b-ball court.

  2. Scarsdale says:

    I hope she IS going broke. Could not happen to a more deserving grifter. I would like to see the entire family of deadbeats have to get regular jobs, especially the smug whore Bristles. Let her find out what single mothers REALLY have to do on a daily basis to feed and clothe their kids. She now has 5, so she may have to work 2 low income jobs. Maybe she will be too busy and exhausted to go whoring around.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I think they have rolled through those couple of million dollars. There is the hush money and so much more to be accounted for.

      I know from experience that staying in the US is expensive. I travelled with my daughter for three weeks in August and food and tips really cut a hole in our pocket. We stayed in Airbnb apartments when we could and we loved it. Home from home sort of thing.

      Can you just imagine the amount of money that they went through? There was no making sandwiches for them.

      If she had the whole family with her, I could easily see her blowing $1,000 a day

  3. Perhaps, also, too, asset liquidation is a result of a spousal split that’s finally becoming reality.

    • Norm says:

      No . Sarah Palin and her family are settled in Alaska , with Bristol’s new baby it means less time to travel to Arizona .

    • Sarah Palin is selling the Arizona time because nobody lives there in Arizona! Bristol and Willow moved back to Alaska! Also Bristol’s baby is due this week . There is no time to go off to Arizona with a newborn granddaughter .

      • irishgirl999 says:

        Bristol has already had that baby. And Sarah doesn’t even have time for her own kids, let alone her grandkids.

      • Pete says:

        @Michael Nobody in the Palin family lived there in Arizona when Sarah Palin originally bought the extravagant home in Arizona! Also Sarah didn’t put her house on the market before the birth of her 1st newborn granddaughter two years ago. She found plenty of time to go off to Arizona and ignore Track’s baby girl, so unfortunately your comment isn’t even valid. Nice try though Troll! You need to stop making up lame excuses for Sarah and go back to sniffing her dirty panties!! At least you can’t get that wrong!

        There’s only one reason a wealthy person sells off their second home, they simply can’t afford it financially!! Amazing America cancelled, PPV channel cancelled, fired from Fox News, Sweet Freedom book sales… epic fail!! Sarah doesn’t have a steady source of income anymore. She can’t afford her second home because she doesn’t have a permanent gig anymore! The only thing that’s changed for Sarah since she purchased her second home is her employment status!! She’s unemployed!!

      • Pearl says:

        Sarah Palin is as domesticated as a cockroach.

  4. ProfessorCanine says:

    She paid 1.65 million to the investor who bought it for 800k.
    Can you say “Double your money”?
    Funny thing,it was appraised at just over a million.
    I’d say she got hosed.
    “Bright and shiny,I’ll take it!”
    Let’s see what her LLC gets for it….

  5. lindak1961 says:

    It’s not a home, it’s a house. It may have been a home for the previous owner, and may be a home for the new owner, but it could never be a home for the Palins. Love is needed to make any dwelling a home, no matter how small or how large the dwelling.

  6. Norm says:

    The liberal losers wish . Sarah Palin is rich ! She’s selling her house because her family is all back in Alaska . Piper and Willow both moved back to Alaska .

    • Pete says:

      Sarah Palin may be rich but she is also unemployed, she doesn’t have a steady source of income anymore. Sarah’s family was all back in Alaska when she originally purchased the house in Arizona. The residency of her children was never a factor in her decision to buy or sell the property. Nice try, moron! You keep telling yourself that story because you desperately want it to be true!

      Reality check loser– Sarah doesn’t have the big paychecks coming in anymore, she can’t afford to keep paying the outrageous property tax or the expensive travel costs without a steady source of income!!!

    • Pearl says:

      Are you a personal friend Norm?

  7. Norm says:

    The Baby . Sarah Palin will be spending more time in Alaska raising her baby granddaughter that will be born this week . She’s not going broke . She’s settled in Alaska and has no time for Arizona .

  8. Norm says:

    The answer is the baby ! Sarah Palin doesn’t have time to go off to Arizona with Bristol’s baby .

  9. I highly doubt that Sarah Palin is having any financial problems, seeing as she said this about Rubio and Fiorina’s finances on CNN last week.

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  11. She spent maybe 4 weeks in Scottsdale all year. After getting a skin cancer she isn’t sitting out in the sun by the pool anymore, I guarantee you that. Her book mentions the skin cancer she had on her leg.

  12. They own a place in Las Vegas that you libs don’t even know about. I’ve seen Sarah Palin in Las Vegas lately than I’ve seen her in Scottsdale . She’s got plenty of money.

    • Scarsdale says:

      Are you on her payroll, or just a stalker? $carah is not the motherly type. Any opportunity she gets, she leaves the family behind, as though she is trying to abandon them, especially “her gift from God” Trig. The entire truth will be exposed SOON, and even you may have to admit she is a fraud.

  13. Sarah Palin would be the Third Richest Candidate in the GOP Field , she’s likely richer than Jeb Bush . She stands to make a 50% profit on a property she owned for 4 years.

  14. Pearl says:

    I heard she was making a little bit of money with Ted Nugent on a hook-up website.

  15. irishgirl999 says:

    Damn, I really must keep up with the blog. Christmas Eve or not, this is fun. BTW, Norm and Michael share the same IP.

    They started trolling after I had gone to bed.

    I know of another two naughty people who wait till I am asleep. Not looking at anyone in particular… 😉

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