Sarah Palin On Steroids


The former half-term half-wit has reared her ugly head over on Newsmax. As Manuel from Fawlty Towers would say – “Que?”

What was immediately apparent to me was her very large, crooked and bloated face. She rambled on about President Obama, the Federal Government and ISIS.

She thinks they are coming for Trig… Well she has targeted the poor kid now. Just how much make up do you need to cover that?

20 (1)

None of it made a lick of sense, so I stopped listening and took some screen shots.




Night nite….

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8 Responses to Sarah Palin On Steroids

  1. 40Watt says:

    I hate it when people “infilter” our nation, don’t you?

    I haven’t listened to it all yet. I can only do a wee bit at a time.

  2. frettadafrog says:

    I can’t stand listening to her myself. I just read the text and check out the screenshots.

  3. Kathryn Mueller says:

    This is like doing a Care Study in a Psychiatric Ward! Seeing is believing!

  4. Pearl says:


  5. 40Watt says:

    Article at Salon about Trump’s bullshit, which includes details of “Palin’s ‘Real American’ bullshit shtick” also too.

    Perpetuating “lies about trivial, personal or easily verifiable claims” is hardly the worst or most central thing about a movement tending towards fascism, but it is an inescapable ingredient. The sense of grievance is a root sentiment such movements thrive on, and figures like Palin and Trump are master grievance collectors, who never let inconvenient facts stand in their ways: They simply invent new ones to serve their needs. Trump’s breaking of the second lie gets closer to the heart of the fascist direction he’s taking us in: the overthrow of all existing institutions, sweeping them aside as forms of weakness and disease.

    With these thoughts in mind, we can look back at a scandal plaguing Sarah Palin as she stepped onto the national stage, and see it in a very different light — the Troopergate scandal. It concerned her abuse of office in pursing a vendetta against her former brother-in-law, Mike Wooten, attempting to get him fired as state trooper and letting her husband run wild in the process.

    And so on here –

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Thanks 40 Watt. I read it but then got involved in trolling at Breitbart…I will post this and update later as the troops here are hungry. We are having a Ghanian chicken stew!

    • So many good bs lines back in the 70’s-80’s… “can’t bs a bs-er.” You’re so full of bs your eyes are brown. Which brings me to Donald and his eyes. They are so hooded and squinty that I have no idea what color they are in the google images I looked at. Are they blue, brown or just squinty and evil? Kinda fits with the personality.

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