One Of Those Days


This morning my son came into the kitchen to tell me about the latest Trump atrocity. He is 23 and even he was shocked…

So, I texted my very good photography friend, Gerry, and asked him if he was interested in a liquid lunch. We met very shortly after 1pm and explored every topic under the sun. Shit, I mentioned the sun!!!!  Politics, books, music, parents dying, kids in trouble, actinic keratoses, you name it , we covered it. The waitress even brought us a glass of water with our last order of wine! And we drank it. We were parched.We eventually exited the restaurant at 5.45pm.

I stumbled into Marks and Spencers on the way home to buy potato croquettes and some ready-made vegs. I had texted hubby around 4 and ordered (asked) him to put the turkey in the oven. He had everything under control.

So, I got home. And that was my day.

I don’t do this normally.



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20 Responses to One Of Those Days

  1. 40Watt says:

    Sounds like a wholly appropriate sort of day under the circumstances.

  2. Sounds wonderful … but … why didn’t you invite US?

  3. ProfessorCanine says:

  4. titlewave says:

    “I don’t do this normally.”

    I say never do anything normally. And time with good friends is a good way to spend time.
    Carry on!

  5. Virginia says:

    Isn’t it nice to have a friend you can do that with?

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Absolutely yes. We met in 2003/4 through photography.
      By the way, he also loved my SF pic. We are not a hugging type, we just meet up and chat, but the wine may have gotten to me today, I gave him a huge hug.

      Great day!

  6. uberduck says:

    I’m not sure I can Human anymore.

    • I’m with you there. I keep turning on the TV and then turning it off, as I cannot take the news at this point in time. Going to bed and read a Danielle Steele book, something I may be able to handle – or I’ll watch HGTV or something light. The world is just too dark right now.

  7. Moles says:

    I have this mad idea that Trump has no intention of trying to be President, he just wants the publicity and keeps upping the appalling statements and rhetoric (giving him more headlines and air time) hoping that FINALLY people will think “Too much” and desert. But they don’t. Which is even more frightening. 😦

  8. Pearl says:

    His ego is HUGE! If he could run for Supreme Leader of the World, he would.

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