Exceptional America

Bang, bang, bang.

You’re dead.

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13 Responses to Exceptional America

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Can’t like this post, because it’s true.

  2. vegaslib says:

    Who needs terrorists, we’ll just kill ouselves here. I here the right already, “need more guns”. How’s that working assholes”?

  3. Pearl says:

    More Americans had their backgrounds checked purchasing guns on Black Friday than any day on record, according to data released by the FBI this week. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed 185,345 requests on Nov. 27.

  4. MrsGunka says:

    It’s like a broken record on the old phonograph that just keeps repeating over and over and over and over and……..
    We are better than this! The GOP wants to take our country back. Back to what? Massacring the Indians?

    • Pearl says:

      Have you seen the video?
      The Social Responsibility Network presents: GunTV! They estimate that every young person they recruit will spend at least $75,000.00 in their lifetime on weapons and accessories. They also add that yearly Americans have been spending 90 billion dollars on weapons.

  5. Moles says:

    I’m sorry to be so thick but I just don’t get it. A man light up a cigarette (illegally) in a waffle shop and when the waitress asks him politely to put it out he shoots and kills her. Rather than stub out his fag, go outside and light up there, he thinks the better option is to kill her and spend the next God knows how many years in jail. What_is_it_with_these_people? What is their mindset, what are they trying to prove? Married couples who don’t get on, one shoots the other and hides the body in a wheely bin. Why don’t they just pack a bag and leave each other? I swear when I read this sort of thing my brain just turns to mush.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I don’t understand it either.

      • Pearl says:

        These gun packers, they just can’t wait to kill someone with their guns. I see it on forums all the time, they’re just itching to shoot someone. They’re craving it and dream about it and aspire to pull the trigger and kill another human being, preferably a liberal, someone of color, or an uppity woman.

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