Sarah Palin’s Drivel


The whole damn book can be found here. On the internets!! Jaysus, she is redefining Jesus. I’m sure herself and Todd sit down and discuss the bible after throwing a few cans at the fridge. 🙂

I perused a few pages and decided sleep was the better option. Maybe it made me sleepy. It is incredibly boring. Yawn. Night all.

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,833 in Books

Looks like the PAC is having to buy a few of them.  😉

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9 Responses to Sarah Palin’s Drivel

    • MrsGunka says:

      I meant to thank you for them yesterday when they were floating down over that awful picture of Evil Cruz! Pour Sarah. Now she is getting creepy….talking to Todd who isn’t even there. She is really delusional! So she said to herself, “Self, …….”

  1. uberduck says:

    What sn… OH!

  2. titlewave says:

    Ha! I thought I had floaters! You need to warn us when winter hits!

  3. Scarsdale says:

    Snow? I thought you had started to shred $carah’s book!! Well, politics flopped for her, now the fake Christian thingy is not working. What’s next for the grifter, since she is the only one with any means of making $$$ to support the rest of them. Her paid gigs are drying up, FAST. Bristles could have vagina tightening surgery, and chase after Tim Tebow, the football player. She needs someone with a large – er – income to support her and all “dem babies”.

  4. irishgirl999 says:

    #2,546 last I looked! 🙂

    • irishgirl999 says:

      Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,869 in Books now. LOL, the PAC must be buying them in bulk every day. Same pattern happening. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. She’ll be broke soon. 🙂

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