The Media Have Their Marching Orders – Dump Trump

Holy willikers – did Chuck Todd just grow a pair?

The full transcript is available here.

Has anyone else noticed that Trump says “a lot,” a lot?


And right now, you feel the Republican Party is doing what?


Right now, I have no opinion. I just know that I’m winning by a lot. I really have no opinion.


You haven’t decided whether it’s fair or not?


But I’m winning by a lot. Yes, I have no opinion right now. I can say that many, many people think that I’m not being treated fairly, where these guys that are down at 1% and 2% want to take negative ads. I can say also FOX just came out with a poll where I’m easily beating Hillary Clinton, I’m beating her by a lot. And that just came out. So, you know, that’s a good sign.

Naw, the word has come down from on high, that Trump is poison. Andrea Mitchell did the necessary also and too.


And the then attorney general of New Jersey says, “No. We checked it out. It was a false report. It did not happen.”


But it’s not only that that didn’t happen. “200,000 Syrian refugees are coming.” It’s not only that the facts are wrong. It’s that what he is saying is so emotionally and, you know, politically powerful. He is lighting fires. He is turning people against people. He is misstating the facts of what’s happening domestically, what’s happening with Muslims. The kinds of facts that he is misstating are so much.





These people, I can’t call them journalists, may just be starting to realise that they live in America too. They have to commute to work and I’m sure they all enjoy going out to dinner, going shopping and taking a trip to the theatre to catch a show. Maybe, just maybe, it is finally dawning on their thick skulls that by giving Trump all of this airtime, that their way of life could be affected as well.

Trump is a demagogue. He seems to have no compunction pitting people against people. If he has his way, there will be a very different America, full of fury and guns. And there is nothing to stop a bullet coming their way.

Have the GOP and their lackeys in the media finally woken up to the destruction that could happen if he is allowed free reign? There is nothing to stop a bullet coming their way!


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7 Responses to The Media Have Their Marching Orders – Dump Trump

  1. I’m actually beginning to believe that The Donald is vocabulary challenged. He doesn’t have a lot of synonyms in his tool chest of overused words . . . terrific, great, beat (as in surpass other countries), ‘good people’ ‘really, really’ and ‘they’ – – the term for all of us little people. I married into a family that had few words to communicate emotions. You were ‘good’, when asked how you were and that was really the only acceptable answer. No gradient of vocabularly to differentiate or define how you are feeling – – like scared, jealous, worried, anxious – – and with only a generic one word answer, there’s little conversation to be had about what’s really going on.

    Know too many people like him – – – certainly no use arguing with them, it’s a lost cause, but their true colors shine bright and the bloom fades from the rose. Is skin is really way too thin, like Ms SP’s, and either his health will suffer from apoplexy or he’ll take his ball and go home. Also, like Ms. SP I’m sure he doesn’t take speech writing constructive criticism well.

    • irishgirl999 says:

      I love your comments. Keep them coming.

      • Lol – – after reading articles this morning, I seem to have forgotten to add ‘wonderful’ and ‘thousands’ (or miliions or billions) to the list. And no, The Donald, saying the same sentence two or three times in succession loses its effectiveness after the 3rd or 4th time – – although it does lengthen one’s speech.

  2. lindak1961 says:

    LOL! FOX News has a poll claiming that tRump is beating Hillary Clinton “…by a lot.”

  3. Scarsdale says:

    There is a reason why all these oddballs claim to belong to the republican party. The democratic party would have rejected them from the get-go, as being too irrational. Trump is the result of the gop saying and doing ANYTHING to malign our President. They have obstructed everything he has tried to do, just as they planned at the first inauguration. The democratic party has two very intelligent, knowledgeable candidates. The gop has several nutjobs, plus Jeb! the innefectual “smart one”. No self respecting democratic candidate for the WH would have even considered $carah PayMe as their VP. They flick her off like an annoying mosquito, brainless bimbo.

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