Just How Low Can Trump Go?

This short clip is self-explanatory. Trump mocks a disabled journalist for not backing up his story about the thousands of dancing Muslims. Joe Scarborough thought it was hilarious.

In response to Trump’s actions, the New York Times told CNN: “We find it’s outrageous that he would ridicule the appearance of one of our reporters.”

It is outrageous, but not unexpected. John Kasich sums it up pretty succinctly in his new ad.

We can add the disabled to that growing list.

This is all over the news in the UK and Ireland this morning. Trump really is an embarrassment to the US and the GOP needs to step up and say something. But what? They have made this mess and now they can’t control it or him.

From a Facebook post by Robert Reich (an Academic at UC Berkeley – http://robertreich.org/)

The other night I phoned a former Republican member of Congress with whom I’d worked in the 1990s on various pieces of legislation. I consider him a friend. I wanted his take on the Republican candidates because I felt I needed a reality check. Was I becoming excessively crotchety and partisan, or are these people really as weird as they seem? We got right into it:

Me: “So what do really you think of these candidates?”

Him: “You want my unvarnished opinion?’

Me: “Please. That’s why I called.”

Him: “They’re all nuts.”

Me: “Seriously. What do you really think of them?”

Him: “I just told you. They’re bonkers. Bizarre. They’re like a Star Wars bar room.”

Me: “How did it happen? How did your party manage to come up with this collection?”

Him: “We didn’t. They came up with themselves. There’s no party any more. It’s chaos. Anybody can just decide they want to be the Republican nominee, and make a run for it. Carson? Trump? They’re in the lead, and they’re both out of their f*cking minds.”

Me: “That’s not reassuring.”

Him: “It’s a disaster. I’m telling you, if either of them is elected, this country is going to hell. The rest of them aren’t much better. I mean, Carly Fiorina? Really? Rubio? Please. Ted Cruz? Oh my god. And the people we thought had it sewn up, who are halfway sane — Bush and Christie — they’re sounding almost as batty as the rest.”

Me: “Who’s to blame for this mess?”

Him: “Roger Ailes, David and Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. I could go on. They’ve poisoned the American mind and destroyed the Republican Party.

Me: “Nice talking with you.”

Him: “Sleep well.”

Happy Thanksgiving! Eek!

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6 Responses to Just How Low Can Trump Go?

  1. PVAZ says:

    Sick little bastard isn’t he. I hope his empire crashs

  2. titlewave says:

    A 16 minute lesson on who Trump’s fans are and why they don’t care he’s a racist bastard, in fact love him for it. This is from 2012, but if you were wondering who- and why- they’ve latched on to this election, wonder no more.

  3. crow says:

    It looked so much like videos from the old McCain/Palin rallies. Let’s not forget Sarah Palin’s contribution to this hatred for “the other” and open contempt for Barack Obama . The woman who started it all. The woman who made it acceptable to shout things like “he’s a traitor” and “hang him” at political rallies openly and without fear of political correctness, or simple common decency. The woman who said that Obama wasn’t a man who sees America the way you and I see America and who pals around with terrorists. The woman who supports a secessionist group whose leader advocates the violent overthrow of the United States government, has questions about Obama’s patriotism. The woman who attends a church of end-times evangelicals who speak in tongues and has received a blessing to protect her from witchcraft has questions about Obama’s Christian pastor (even though he’s really a secret Muslim). And in what has to be the supreme irony, the woman who faked a pregnancy and birth of a special needs child, has questions about the circumstances of HIS birth.

    The woman who encouraged racism to come out into the open. This is your legacy, Sarah Palin.

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