The USA Has Come To This


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Sarah Palin reading her book for the first time.

Donald Trump is leading in the GOP polls. Everything that comes out of this ugly man’s mouth is ugly. Mexicans are rapists and criminals. Syrian refugees should not be allowed refuge. Hey bring back water boarding. It’s OK to rough up a black protester.


This is his latest atrocity. And it is false.

I swear to dog, I cannot get my head around it. This race-baiting piece of shit has gone fecking mad. What in the world is he trying to do? Get elected it seems, by any means.

But at what cost? This idiot will start a civil war and he has a following. No wonder the GOP establishment is worried.  I cannot imagine any rational leader of any country sitting down to have talks with this narcissist.

When President Obama came to visit Ireland, the crowds were huge. Trump is a dirty joke.

Americans need to get their act together and VOTE, and demand changes in the voting system. The GOP hasn’t won an important election in years, but they are getting into power. They are stealing your votes. Get rid of those bloody voting machines. I have been reading a lot about this, and they quite literally are flipping the votes. The Democrats won’t acknowledge this because they are afraid that people will give up and not vote. Way to deal with a problem!

The media in your country is useless. Utterly useless. A war will give them ratings.



You have a former VP candidate walking around Disney World holding her ghost-written book with chains hanging off her scrawny neck.

Enough is enough.


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8 Responses to The USA Has Come To This

  1. WCUIW says:

    PayMe has the Iron Cross hanging from those chains.

    And tRump is a freaking fascist. Period.

  2. Pearl says:

    Is that a door-knocker Palin’s wearing?! That door being the entryway to hell.

  3. sallyinmi says:

    Oh how sweet. Three adults visiting Disney without the kids…I guess Bristol’s ‘boys’ had their vacation in Hawaii. Doesn’t Willow have a job? Molly? who’s feeding Trig his applesauce? Who’s walking the dogs? Who’d making sure Piper gets to high school and stays there all day? Bristol? 8 months and counting Bristol, who has to arise at the crack of dawn to hustle her butt to Anchorage for her ‘job?’ What a pathetic family, and Trump is beyond words. Just evil, all of them.

    • Julie says:

      1. These people are not your business.
      2. Bristol is home with her son.
      3. Todd, Sarah’s spouse, is home with Piper and Trig.
      4. Hairdressers make their own schedule.
      5. Molly is likely using vacation time, something most people get, though it is not your business. Her kids are with their grandparents.
      6. Why are pets your business. See #3
      7. Why are you attacking a woman, who isn’t there, who works a job like the rest of us?
      8. I repeat, these strangers, whom you’ve been slandering for years now, are not your business.

      • RJ40 says:

        Oh Fuck Off Alicia, Your new “name fools nobody.Did you try showing up at $arah’s book signing?You’re nothing but a sick stalking troll.

    • Pearl says:

      Sarah never took care of the family even before she became Governor. Those kids are basically feral and so are their kids.

  4. MrsGunka says:

    The GOP is the biggest embarrassment in the world. When are the puppeteers going to wake up and realize what these idiots are doing to our country. Time for someone to get a roll of duck tape and apply across the mouths of these tea bagger’s and put them in timeout for a little talking to! This isn’t 1939 and this isn’t Nazi Germany. Fascism didn’t work then and it isn’t going to work now. We have a Constitution that is against everything they are doing. They are playing right into the arms of IS. Lies and fear-mongering is not going to win any elections. I see absolutely no chance of any of their candidates able to run this country. What were they thinking? Not all of those idiots are as brainless as Sarah Palin or as gullible for fame. It’s not about our security or freedoms but money and fame. Oh, and paying taxes! I sure hope the IRS is keeping good track of all the PAC’s out there and everything is adding up the way it should. We may need more Federal prisons soon for all these crooks. Blogoiavich might like some new company. Fresh faces and stories are nice after a few years behind bars.

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