Sarah Palin Has Some *Admittances* In Her New Book

The Sarah Palin I saw today was not the same Sarah Palin who is usually on show. For the first time evah, Sarah Palin admitted that she was wrong. Katie Couric’s question was fair and Palin gave a crappy answer, according to her.

Remember Tuscon and blood libel? Paul Revere and those bells? Well we all know that she doubled down in those instances and refused to admit that she was wrong. So what gives I thought to myself. And then it struck me. Her new book is out tomorrow. And it ain’t doing so well.  #18,135.

41pikN3SD-L._SX357_BO1,204,203,200_So, she is going all Jesus-like and Christiany and *admittancing* her sins.

Holy shit. The money situation must be desperate for her to stoop this low.

Methinks she is in NY begging for moolah or a cabinet position.


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4 Responses to Sarah Palin Has Some *Admittances* In Her New Book

  1. Pearl says:

    Look at Crusthole’s ratty pants! I’ve seen homeless street people look more presentable.

  2. Scarsdale says:

    Proof positive that “You can take the Palins out of Wasilly, but you can not take Wasilly out of the Palins” Is Willing pregnant also, too?

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