A Message Of Support For Muslims

I know from first hand experience what it is like to be tarred with the same brush as terrorists.

Imagine working in London for the summer as a 20 year old when the IRA blew someone or something to smithereens. I was behind the counter in a deli and people would come in and say that they weren’t going to talk to me today. The Irish were persona non grata. 

Of course, I didn’t let them get away with that bullshit. I told them that as far as I was concerned,  the UK had invaded Ireland, and Northern Ireland now belonged to them. So their own citizens were killing them and it had nothing whatsoever to do with me. It wasn’t even my country. So I told them nicely to fuck off and deal with their problem. Don’t lay it at my door.

The IRA didn’t represent me. Isis doesn’t represent every Muslim.

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7 Responses to A Message Of Support For Muslims

  1. 40Watt says:

    Well said.

    Interestingly, during that time I had constant difficulties getting into the UK from the States, although I carried UK passport. The red hair apparently took the place of a burka. Once they even patted down my 10 year old daughter, who was very indignant! They didn’t like me coming into Canada either. In fact there, they took me off to a wee room to interrogate me.

    I’m not suggesting any equivalency between my experiences and yours. There was no unpleasantness towards me. It was merely a time-consuming exercise — every damn time. And let’s face it, a small amount of inconvenience for me hardly adds up to the historical ills heaped on Ireland.

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    And this is why I love you and visit you in that undisclosed location in the USA.

  3. MrsGunka says:

    Kind of like the interment camps for Japanese here during WW2 for the Legal Japanese living here!Japanese friend of ours parents had to sell there market in 24 hours (10 cents on the dollar) and put on a train to a camp in CA. Sam was just a baby and 4 when they came back. Broke! His parents were children when they came here and were citizens. Didn’t matter! Racism of all kinds have been going on for a long time. Especially during wartime for those of a different race than white. Or red headed! My red headed grandfather came from County Cork as a toddler to Ohio and then homesteaded in Iowa in the 1800’s. It’s been a long time.

  4. Pearl says:

    I’m going through that war with my Texas family. I’ve decided I’m not even going to visit them this year over it. They live in College Station, TX where Texas A&M University is. There are lots of Muslim students there. Every time they see a girl wearing a hijab they talk about how ridiculous it is and whenever they see some brown boys they think look middle eastern they go off about how terrified they are all of a sudden saying that the boys, at that moment are plotting as to what knife they’ll use to cut our heads off and that they are rushing back to their dorm rooms to work on bombs they’re building. I get so damn mad at them! I tell them the boys are probably thinking about where they were going to party that night and hoping they’ll get laid like most college students.

  5. Scarsdale says:

    Imagine how many people in the world assume that Americans THINK just like Donald Trump, or John McCain? Horrible thought. Big blowhard and little warmonger. Is it any wonder that people worldwide hate the US with a passion? We put hate filled people such as Anne Coulter, Gingrich plus ANY republican on national TV, and nobody gets a chance to even try to even the playig field with rational thought.

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