Well, You’re F*cked Now Kentucky

I don’t think there will be too much singing going on in Kentucky once Matt Bevin becomes governor.

He’ll do a Brownback on it and wreak havoc on the state. I just don’t understand why people did not get out and vote. Do they not realise the consequences of their apathy? Well, 400,000 people may get a tad pissed off when Bevin tries to dismantle Kynect and the quality of education plummets, and poor people get poorer as Bevin tries to get those suckers to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

And apparently the whole Kim Davis furore helped Bevin. He decided to switch his focus from economic to social issues.

Matt_Bevin_Jim_DavisThe people of Kentucky decided that their opposition to LGBT rights was more important than their healthcare, or their education, or social programs or clean air. Those who could be bothered to vote that is.

You may wonder why I care. The thing about American elections is that they have far-reaching consequences. Elect enough of these fascists, and the world will be looking at more wars, increased climate change and economic ruin.

Congratulations Kentucky.

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5 Responses to Well, You’re F*cked Now Kentucky

  1. Professorcanine says:

    Recognize the beady eyed puke over Kim’s hillbilly hubby’s shoulder?

  2. irishgirl999 says:

    Yep. I saw that creep.

  3. ayerishgrl says:

    my goodness, does that husband have any other clothes besides frick’in overalls? Who in the world wears them anyway? Well I mean who in the world besides some born again idiot from Kentucky!

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