jerry--zMy husband loves to watch a TV programme titled “Who do you think you are.” People, most often celebrities, explore their roots and ancestors. Last week he watched one on Jerry Hall. He mentioned to me that he thought she was a very rude, privileged woman who never once said thank you on the show.

He watched one on Jane Seymour a few days later and said the contrast was startling. Jane was educated, spoke a number of languages and said thank you.

Tonight, he said to me, my initial thoughts on Jerry Hall are correct. She is now dating Rupert Murdoch.

On a happier note, even though Murdoch the turd showed up at the Rugby World Cup, nothing could take away from this act of kindness.

Thank you Sonny Bill Williams.

I have come to the unhappy conclusion that Republicans wouldn’t enjoy that. They are selfish beyond belief. They cannot understand how anyone can get any pleasure out of giving. That is their loss.

May they stew in their own shit.

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3 Responses to WTF?

  1. lindak1961 says:

    Love the video – classy.

  2. Pearl says:

    Is Jerry Hall still gold digging?! Eww! My god! Ain’t no amount of money or liquor…

    Anyhoo, that show, Who Do you Think You Are….I loved the one with Graham Norton. I was surprised to see that they allowed the unwed mother’s baby to be baptized and recorded in the church’s records.That parish must have had loving clergy. It really touched my heart, given the time of the baby’s birth. If I remember correctly, it happened more than once. I really need to watch that episode again.

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