They Have Let Sarah Palin Loose Again – Update x 2

face                                 Isn’t she darling? A legend in her own mind…

Well, she was giving her opinion on the debate last night on Newsmax. She was afraid to insult any of the candidates. So much for Mama Grisly. This is what I took away from her punditing.

face3She had absolutely nothing to say. That woman does not have an original thought in her brain. I didn’t listen to all of it, but I listened to enough to recognize her regurgitated shite. If you *fill* the need, then you too can listen to it here.

She then took to FB…


Get a load of that! She needs to be put in a restraining jacket, pronto.

Update: She posted a new FB rant about two hours ago.


Jesus, that was seven years ago and she still has it in for them. She is manic at this stage and her sentences don’t  make any sense whatsoever. I do believe she is melting.

Bwahahaha. 🙂

Update 2: And she is off and running…

face 5

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7 Responses to They Have Let Sarah Palin Loose Again – Update x 2

  1. Good grief is about the best I can do. I listened to the majority of the debate while driving. It was disturbing to discover that I was able to identify the majority of the candidates by voice alone . . . to me that shows they’ve had way too much airtime. Their whiny, patronizing voices should not be taking up any sensory recognition space in my brain. Where’s my cranial delete button or erase feature? I couldn’t stand how they disregarded any rules, butted in, talked over, ranted and raved or how the audience was allowed to yell, cheer, applaud, boo. Ridiculous! I’m just about past the point of caring and can’t really imagine that any of them will be able to stay the course. Trump the Great and his overinflated ego will simply explode one of these days

  2. Moles says:

    I’m beginning to have serious doubts about her frontal lobe. Unless of course…

  3. 40Watt says:

    I love that SP is referenced in article after article as an example of everything that is bad about the present crop of GOP candidates. They may be stupid – but Sarah led the way. They lie – but they learned from Sarah etc.

    e.g. Sarah Palin demonstrated the technique, and Mitt Romney perfected it. There is no need for any Republican candidate to concern their pretty heads with facts, because the point of the primary is to see who can tell the best lies with the most sincere expression on their face.

  4. She actually wrote “y’all” in a FB post? She must have been foaming at the mouth when she wrote that.

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